Why is it needed that you take thyroid test during your pregnancy?

Are you worried about your thyroid levels? If you think that thyroid test is needed then take it. People take up blood test for thyroid when they show up symptoms like nervousness, anxiety, gritty eyes or sensitivity to cold. The one who is pregnant should also take blood test for thyroid. It is already known that the size of thyroid gland is increased by 10%. Even the production of thyroid hormones like T3 and T4 gets increased by up to 50%. This results to the lowering of thyroid stimulating hormone or TSH during the time of pregnancy than usual non-pregnancy level. As the hormone secreted by thyroid gland helps the developing unborn baby, it is necessary to take test for thyroid just like USG test. Thyroid hormone helps in the development of the fetus. If there is any negligence in your part, that may result to pregnancy complication.

How can the thyroid gland affect your body?

Towards the base of the neck, there is thyroid gland, an endocrine gland. It secretes thyroid hormone which tends to regulate metabolic rate while influencing the protein synthesis or development. This small thyroid gland may impact your body in several ways. It can affect the mood, body weight, body temperature and also the heart rate. To find the level of rise or fall of thyroid hormone, it is necessary to take the test. As the symptoms of poorly functioning thyroid gland are not so much, people are not generally concerned of this gland. During the pregnancy phase, it is necessary to take the test.

The two conditions relating to thyroid gland

When the thyroid hormone soars higher or is below the level, two conditions relating to thyroid shows up. They are hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. When there is any fall in the level of thyroid hormone, the condition is hypothyroidism. If there is any rise in the level of thyroid hormone, it is termed as hyperthyroidism. When there is fluctuation in the level of thyroid hormone, it can cause joint pain, weight loss, sensitivity to cold, exhaustion and reduced libido. So, a fluctuation in the level of thyroid hormone can cause serious problem to the fetus. It may impact the health of the baby in a negative way. Other associated risks are low birth rate, premature baby birth or pregnancy complications. It is important for everyone to undergo the test who are planning pregnancy.

When to take the test?

Blood test for thyroid is even more compulsory for a woman if there is any family history of thyroid problem. If there are members in the family who suffered thyroid issues, you can also suffer the same. So, you have to be extra cautious when planning pregnancy. Undergo the test to detect if there is any problem. Before conception and also the time when you are pregnant, it is important to take the test. Thyroid gland is butterfly shaped gland which performs important functions. It secretes thyroid hormone which actually regulates important body processes such as digestion, pulsation, body temperature and other metabolic processes.

TSH test may reveal how your thyroid gland is functioning. It is an important test for thyroid gland. Thyroxine blood test is also an important test. The test will reveal if the thyroid hormone is secreted to the satisfactory level or not. Test for thyroid can also help to keep track over several health issues.





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