Why Hydroponic Growing Beats Traditional Growing

 Many people when first reading about hydroponic growing believe that there is no way that it could possibly compete with traditional growing methods – However this is not the case at all. Hydroponic growing is far superior to traditional growing, and there are many reasons why – which we will touch upon today.

Why Hydroponics Wins

Space saving – When growing using hydroponics you don’t need anywhere near as much space. This is because when growing traditionally plants roots have to grow large throughout the soil, whereas when using hydroponics plants are submerged in a bath of oxygenated nutrient solutions and advanced nutrients and no longer need to search for the nutrients that they need, allowing the roots to stay small and compact and plant to grower closer together.


Water saving – Hydroponics saves water. When growing plants traditionally every few days gardeners have to dump a large amount of water in the soil, ensuring that there is enough for their roots to find – However when growing hydroponically no water is waster, it is simply recycled and recycled time  and time again, with nowhere for the water to get lost. In fact when growing hydroponically

No weeding – One of the worst parts of growing in conventional ways using soil is the weeding in which is often involved.  When growing hydroponically there is no chance of any weeds occurring so therefore this is something that people don’t need to worry about.

Less pests and diseases – When growing hydroponically there is a lot less chance of pests and diseases.  This is because many of these often come from soil, and of course soil is eliminated. This is of course great news as it means that your plants, flowers and whatever you choose to grow are much safer from harm. 

Time saving – Hydroponics saves you time as you don’t have to weed, water or provide pest control – but it also speeds up the growth of plants, allowing for more plants to be growing the same timeframe.

Complete control – When growing using hydroponics you are able to grow whatever you like, regardless of seasons and outdoor weather conditions. This is because you have complete control and are able to create the most perfect growing conditions, including choosing things such as temperature, light, heat and nutrient intake.

Science – Hydroponics is cool! When growing hydroponically many people say that they feel like scientists and that they are able to impress their friends and relatives with their wonderful skills an set-ups.


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