What is testosterone increase?

Testosterone is a sex steroid hormone from the androgen group that is produced by Leydig cells in the testes, the adrenal glands in both men and women, and in part also by the ovaries. In men, testosterone increases the production of secondary sexual characteristics, while in women it transforms into estradiol, the most important female sex hormone, which intervenes in reproductive and secondary sexual functions, and affects the functionality of different organs. The concentration of testosterone in the blood plasma of men is 10 times higher than that of women, while its daily production is 20 times higher in men.

Testosterone – because this hormone will be spoken about today, must be produced in appropriate quantities to fulfil its functions. Are there natural ways to influence its level in the system? What are the norms of this hormone for both women and men?

An increase in testosterone is used in the event that its levels in men or women are very low or if a woman decides to start a transition path to become a man.

Why is it done?

The increase in testosterone is performed, at first, if the natural testosterone levels in a man are low. These are represented by:

Drop-in desire

Erectile dysfunction


Reduction of muscle mass

Sleep disturbances and tiredness.

In the second case, the increase in testosterone can be performed as hormone therapy when a woman wants to undergo a sex change process. The increase in testosterone will allow women to have a more masculine body:

Increased hairiness (hairs)

Beard growth

Muscular body

The squarer shape of the face

Rougher skin

Deeper tone of voice

Blocking of menstruation

Clitoral growth of a few centimeters.

What’s it about?

The increase in testosterone can occur in different ways:

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The choice of the correct method must be entrusted to a specialist.


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