What is a Vape Mod?

You may have heard the term vape mod, but are not sure what it is. Here we will look at what is a vape mod and the different aspects of a vape mod pen.

A vape mod is a vaporizer pen mechanical mod or the short version a vape pen mod. Simply put a mechanical vape mod or vape mod is a vape pen that offers increased performance.

A vape mod is larger and more powerful than standard vaporizer pens. A vape mod also offers more functionality, more vapor, an increased throat hit and a better flavor.

The main reason that a vaporizer pen mod is so much better is because the battery is bigger and this is able to create an increase in vapor production and a better vape flavor.

The majority of vape mods will work the same way as vape pens, but users will have more flexibility in terms of usage, power and design.

With mechanical mods you have the choice over different sized batteries, multiple sized heating coils as well as wicks that can be made from silica, cotton or ekowool.

Who Are Vape Pen Mods For?

Those that use vaporizer mod pens are usually experienced vapers that use basic vape pens, but they are looking for a device that offers more functionality.

Vape mods are for personal use that are used at home as they are less portable and can be difficult to carry around. They are portable but they can’t easily go in your pocket.

Vape mod pens do vary and they can be customized with different tanks to create a unique design.

There are a number of different designs to choose from, so you are sure to find a vape pen mod that suits your taste. There are also regulated and non-regulated vape mods that can be changed in terms of different coils, batteries and tanks.

Should You Start With A Vape Pen Mod?

It is not recommended to start out with a vape mod pen especially if you have no vaping experience. When you are starting out, you will find that you will not need all that extra power and you will find it difficult to choose a vaporizer mod, as there are so many different styles and functionality.

You will only discover what you want from a vaporizer through experience so it is best to start with a portable vape pen. Article source from http://vapestore.co.za/

If you find that the power behind the portable vaporizer pen you have chosen is not quite what you want, then you can start looking at different mechanical mod vapes.

However, you will need to do your research and understand the different aspects of vape mods.

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