What Are the Results of OTC Testosterone Supplements for Women?

Many women often interested in increasing the testosterone level in their body. Now the question is how safe it is for women to take testosterone supplements. Testosterone is basically a male hormone that is produced by the testicles and to some extent by women too in their ovaries. Both men and women create smaller amount of hormone on the adrenal cortex, which is present on top of their kidneys. Hormones are very powerful component of human body that affects both males as well as females mentally, physically and emotionally.

Natural supplements of testosterone for females

Testosterone is basically a male sex hormone, but it has many other functions too. For men it decides their sex drive, libido and the ability to arouse. What about females? Whether it is safe for females to take testosterone? Hormone for females too is responsible for their libido, performance and desire.

However, female prefers testosterone therapy for enhancing their physical capabilities and appearances. This can increase their metabolism and helps them to burn fats faster. However, it is to be noted that too much hormone is not good for both men and women as it can create certain adverse reactions.

On an average, the requirement of this hormone for women is 15 to 70 nano gram per deciliter. However, for men it is about 300 nano gram to 1000 nano gram. If the range in women exceeds than this level then it can create not only emotional and mental imbalance, but physical changes too.

OTC testosterone supplements for women

When women reach to menopause stage then their hormone levels get reduced. That results into weight gain, lack of sleep, lower sex drive and few such symptoms. Many studies in this regard have not been carried out on women as testosterone is mainly a male hormone.

Low T diagnosis in women can cause problems in women like in men, which are as follows:

  • Mood disturbance and general dissatisfaction in every matter
  • Decreased libido
  • Low in energy and often complain about fatigue and remain disinterested in most of the things.

There are over the counter (OTC) testosterone available for women, which can be purchased against prescription. Women should never take testosterone of their own without consulting their doctors. There can be serious repercussions for women by taking testosterone in uncontrolled manner. They should avoid using creams, boosters that are available for both men and women, as it can lead to serious side effects.



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