What Are The Reasons That Make Anavar The Best Steroid For Women

Anavar is a purely legal steroid that can be consumed by men and women. It has been used since many decades for its miraculous weight reduction and fat burning properties. Anavar is advised to athletes during cutting cycles to lose body fat. It is one of the mildest steroid available on the market. This makes it best suited for women athlete and bodybuilders worldwide.

Why Anavar is most suited for women?

Anavar is a very potent steroid that gives fabulous fat loss results to women. Like how important is testosterone for men, Anavar is of the same importance to women. Due to its effectiveness, and mild nature, it is considered to be the official steroid for women athletes. The best part of this steroid is that due to its mild nature, it gives very few and mild side effects.

Unlike Anavar that produces mild results, men generally resort to anabolic steroids. For effective gains they would have to take Anavar in large quantities. Also, Anavar is not suited for them during off season. On the other hand, women are very much sensitive to the hormone, so they require very low steroid doses to get significant results than men. Also, Anavar is found to be excellent for women at the time of an off-season.

What type of gains can you get from Anavar?

  • Quickly shreds fat to achieve hard muscle
  • Improves strength and speed significantly
  • Promotes better vascularity to get a ripped physique
  • The more solid your physique is, the better will be your metabolism. This will help in quick fat burn in the body. Anavar is an important drug that helps one achieve a lean and trim physique. This, in turn, contributes to rapid fat cut from the body.

What type of side effects can Anavar cause a person?

The main cause of the side effects is over consumption than recommended dosage, taking contaminated or low-quality steroid, interaction with medicines or treatment that a person is going through at the time of steroid consumption, etc. All these reasons can contribute to the development of masculine characteristics and female hair loss on Anavar.


Anavar is by far the most widely used and popular fat loss steroid for women athletes and bodybuilders. Being a legal drug, it can be taken without a prescription. Easy to use, mild action and safe results with fewer side effects make it No.1 steroid for women.


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