What are the frequently asked Questions about EEOICPA?

EEIOCPA claims could be largely confusing and relatively more time-consuming. You would have a difficult time to understand the forms along with learning about the requirements. There have been several simple answers. However, there would be several more situations where the answers would be dependent on several other available aspects.

While going through the process for several clients along with more than 3500+ approved claims, you would be able to understand the process, various short cuts, and rationale for why several cases have been approved or not.

What do you understand by the Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program?

EEOICPA has been administered by the Department of Labor, Office of Worker Compensation Programs, on the behalf of the US Federal government. It would be pertinent to mention here that the laws were enacted by Congress in the year 2000 and came into effect in the year 2001. You should rest assured that the EEOICPA would cover the workers along with the work sites formerly or presently administered by the Department of Energy along with Atomic Energy Commission.

The Department of Labor, holding the Office of Worker Compensation Programs would administer the EEOICPA along with other federally mandated programs. It would be inclusive of Coal Miners Workers Compensation, energy workers compensation program, and Federal Employee’s Compensation.

Is the program real or a scam?

You should rest assured that the program has been deemed a real deal. It would be pertinent to mention here that since January 2019; more than 118,000 compensation claims have been approved. It would also be imperative to know that more than fifteen billion USD has been paid in compensation and medical benefits. Several advocacy groups have been known to work directly with every DOL District Offices and they have been vetted by District Attorneys along with Law Enforcement professionals.

Do you actually need an attorney to file a claim under EEOICPA?

You should rest assured that you would not be requiring to hire the services of an attorney for filing claim under the EEOICPA. The attorneys have been deemed experts in EEOICPA policies along with the procedures. The attorney fee structures would often provide various exceptions that drive your actual fees and cost relatively higher than 2% of the total award.

It would not be wrong to suggest that you should search for advocates who would help you file a claim for a nominal fee that would be worth your time and satisfaction.

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