What Are The Different Types Of Yarn That You May Come Across?

Every winter season, new fashion trend comes into the market and knitting is the only trend that never dies. Every year new color of yarn comes into the market. Yarn comes in different colors, shapes and sizes, which attracts thousands of customers

What is Yarn?

The Yarn is form of textile which is generally made from the animal fiber like sheep (wool, mohair or rayon) or from plant fiber (like cotton, hemp or silk) or synthetic fibers (like polyester or nylon).

Here are some of the most common types of yarn that you must be aware of

Wool: Mainly, wool is made from fleece sheep which made the knitters first choice. Here are various forms of wools that are easily available in the market

  • Lamb’s wool: As its name suggest that this extracts from lamb’s first shearing.
  • Merino wool: This type of wool is the finest among all the types of wool
  • Shetland wool: This type of wool is extracted from Scotland’s Shetland Islands
  • Pure new wool: This type of wool is directly made from animal’s fleece
  • Washable Wool: This type of wool easily made from chemical methods

Cotton: This type of yarn is the most affordable among all of the types of yarn available in the market. This type of yarn can be easily available from the plants. The most interesting thing about this type of wool is that this is smooth to touch as well as elastic in nature.

Mohair: This wool is very light-weight, fluffy which gives it a new and luxury look. This type of wool must be dry-cleaned. This is costly than wool. Having a fluffy nature makes this wool hard to knit.

Cashmere: If you are wearing this type of wool on regular basis, then this becomes soft and smooth after wearing. This wool is costly and looks amazing to wear in winters.

Angora: This made is made from the fur of the rabbit. This wool is soft and smooth, warm in nature, and lightweight. This wool has incredible feature of not resisting stains.

Silk: As its names describe that this is silky as well as smooth type of wool. This is the long lasting type of wool, which makes it a luxurious one.

How to Get the Best Quality Yarn?

After getting the information regarding the type of yarn, you will be curious about buying the top quality of yarn. There are many online websites that deal with wholesale yarn selling at reasonable price. Have a search for them from the Internet.

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