What Are Dental Implants And Why Are They Preferred Over Dentures?

Everyone dreams to have their teeth for a lifetime, but people start losing teeth even before the seventies. Replacing a missing tooth is very important as it not only affects your smile but also affects your general and oral health. A missing tooth disrupts your chewing ability, gradually causing other teeth to be lost, crowded or tipped. It also leads to other apparent problems with your appearance and loss of self-esteem.

Dental implants in Sydney are the best option to replace a lost tooth. It is a well-recognised and effective treatment choice.

Why Is It Essential To Replace A Missing Tooth?

  • Tooth loss affects chewing resulting in the intake of poor nutrition.
  • When a tooth is lost the jawbone holding it, starts to deteriorate which can be prevented by implants.
  • Missing teeth may make you prone to bullying.
  • The Loss of teeth can change your bite, the way your teeth come together which affects the temporomandibular joint.
  • Losing teeth may lead to change in your speech which in turn will affect your confidence.

What Are Dental Implants?

These devices replace the roots of the missing tooth. They are used as support for crowns, bridges and dentures. The dental implants are made of titanium that is surgically placed into your jawbone beneath your jawline, over which the dentist will mount the replacement teeth. Dental implants can be done at any age and until your gums are healthy to support your implant. The dental implants cost in Sydney are also affordable.

Why Dental Implants Are Preferred Over Dentures?

  1. A Natural Smile:

Dentures may look unnatural. Conversely, dental implants look more natural and blend with the surrounding teeth and give back your natural charming smile.

  1. Prevents Bone Loss And Gum Erosion:

Dentures can weaken and make gums flabby. It may also decrease the quality of your jawbone resulting in distortion of the jawbone and gives you prematurely aged facial structures. Dental implants, as they are fused to your jawbone prevents deterioration and loss of jawbone and gums.

  1. Dentures Are More Comfortable:

Dentures, as they are not fixed to the jaw, can irritate your gums and cause mouth sores from friction. But with dentures these are permanently fixed and feel like any other natural teeth, they are not even noticed once fixed.

  1. Permanent And Durable:

Dentures are detachable they are not permanent. They must be repaired or adjusted and also replaced within seven years.

  1. Optimal Function And Performance:

Both dentures function and dental implants like regular teeth. But, dentures, as they are not fit to the jaw, may affect speech, and it can be truly embarrassing and uncomfortable. Dental implants as they are embedded into the jawbone they help in better speaking and chewing.

  1. Better Hygiene:

Teeth implants in Sydney are preferred more than dentures as they can be brushed and flossed like natural teeth and do not require any special cleaning, unlike dentures.

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