Tips for choosing the right toothbrush

Studies reveal that an average human spends at least 1000 hours in his lifetime brushing his teeth. So, it is important to decide upon the toothbrush. History reveals that the act of brushing teeth is found in ancient times as well. Indian civilization was brushing teeth with neem, mangoes, meswak, charcoal, etc since centuries. Considering the variety of toothbrush available, it is a difficult task to decide which toothbrush to choose. The reality is that the right technique helps in preventing tooth decay. The dentist in Barrie Chapnick Dental teaches you the technique of brushing your teeth and also gives tips on choosing the right toothbrush:

Tips for choosing the toothbrush:

1)    Remember to change your toothbrush every three months: Whether you are loyal to one brand or price sensitive, don’t forget to change your toothbrush in every three to four months.

2)    Choose soft bristles: You should use soft bristles. Avoid hard bristles as hard bristles may be harsh to the enamel and can cause your gums to bleed. A medium toothbrush is also an option but consults your dentist first.

3)    Select your size: Choose a size that fits into your mouth and can brush at least one tooth a time. The toothbrush should reach all your teeth easily. For example, a child cannot use the adult’s toothbrush and vice versa.

4)    Choose a handle that fits into your hand: This can be tricky and confusing. Just choose that handle that fits into your hand.

5)    Choose quality over cost: Every toothbrush may not have the quality of good soft bristles, great size, and proper handle. Choose quality over cost. Check supermarkets which declare discounts on commodities. You can pick up the 2-3 toothbrush for future use.

6)    Manual or electric- both are good: Choosing between manual or electric toothbrush is not difficult. You choose whatever you like. It is important to brush regularly whether you do it manually or choose an electric toothbrush. The right technique cleans your teeth properly. If you have problems like arthritis, tennis elbow and other chronic joint problems and feel pain in holding your toothbrush, you can go for an electric toothbrush. If you are bored with a manual one, simply choose electric this time.

Choosing for a child:

When you choose a toothbrush for your child, consider these factors:

1)    Choose super soft bristles. This will help in gentle cleaning.

2)    Choose very small heads which are designed for baby teeth.

3)    Choose large handles which are easy for children to grip.

Take a recommendation from your dentist:

If you have a gum and teeth problem, it is always better to take advice and recommendation from your dentist in Barrie Chapnick Dental. Our professional team teaches you the right method of brushing your teeth. Choose the right technique and right toothbrush and stay away from tooth decay.

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