Three Supplements For A Ripped Physique

When we think of supplements, we think of the latest greatest products that the bodybuilding and fitness industries have to offer. Well this is only half the battle! Let’s drill down on a few ways to help you achieve a massive, ripped physique during your workouts.

Before we tackle this list, understand that if you wish to achieve greater muscle mass, you should really be studying up on the science of bodybuilding first. Natural vitamins and minerals are often used in conjunction with other bodybuilding supplements. BELDT Labs offers a product called Skald Oxydynamic Fat Scorcher. As you might infer from its title, it’s a scientific approach to help weight loss while increasing muscle recovery times from workouts. This is super important when you’re pushing past new plateaus to increase muscle mass!


1.) Magnesium. Without it, the body cannot produce energy. Magnesium plays an important role in how it affects muscular tissues. There are over 300 biochemical processes that magnesium regulates in our bodies according to EnviroMedica. Actually, this mineral regulates everything from energy production and ATP, to enzyme activity and proper mineral balance. All of which are essential elements for increased muscle production and beneficial with nitric oxide boosters like creatine which help fuel the body during workouts.

There are many types of magnesium supplements on the market like magnesium citrate which carry the added benefit of decreasing pain and muscle cramps. If you’ve ever experienced muscle strains, rips, or tears, then taking magnesium will promote faster healing. According to, the recommended dosage is 200-400 milligrams per day.

2.) Vitamin D3. We all know that sunlight produces energy and makes us grow! Well this little vitamin is also what will increase and optimize testosterone levels. So if you’re not getting enough sunlight, realize that your overall health, mood, and testosterone levels are being negatively affected. The Mayo Clinic recommends a 2000-5000 IU per day dosage of Vitamin D3 along with meals. The overall toxicity is low, since research shows around 10,000 IU is the high limit for safe daily dosage.

3.) Zinc. Another vital trace mineral for regulating and optimizing testosterone, zinc is similar to magnesium as it can be lost through body sweat. recommends taking roughly 20 milligrams with your meal once a day on workout days, where the dosage amount is based on the fact that you’re sweating more heavily. However if you don’t sweat as much, then 10-15 grams would be a normal recommendation for adults, ages 19 and over. You can also get zinc through foods such as beef, pork, shellfish, peanuts, and legumes, to name a few.

As a note of caution while you’re busy getting ripped, remember to watch out for mineral and nutrient deficiencies. The imbalances can inhibit your muscle growth and general health, which is why you should be constantly replenishing and supplementing with the vitamins and minerals to keep hormone levels in check. Keep a strict regimen, follow the recommended dosages, and take your bodybuilding physique to the next level!

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