Three Common Fears People with a Panic Disorder Commonly Feel

Panic attacks are a terrible loss of control. Those who experience a panic attack must learn about the impact of this episode on them. People with phobias and anxiety attacks are certainly in danger. This is because panic can make them think they are in danger. Panic attacks create worries within the sufferer. However, even if they feel worried, they don’t have to be in danger. Below are the usual fears of those who are experiencing an anxiety attack.

Fear of Dying

People who experience this fear feel that they will suddenly lose some air to breathe or experience a heart attack. They even end up in the emergency room because of their fear. Their feeling of not getting enough air is also caused by the swallowing of breath. People with anxiety attacks may experience real chest pain. However, this is a pain in the muscles of their chest and not in their heart. Also, the sensation of not getting enough air happens because of their shallow breathing.

Fear of Losing Consciousness

People with panic attacks think that fainting is like a heart attack. However, it is actually how the body protects itself. Fainting is caused by a sudden drop in blood pressure. In this case, the brain does not get enough blood, thus, it protects the person by bringing the brain down to the blood through a faint.

In a panic attack, the blood pressure goes up. Therefore, it is quite hard to faint during a panic attack. In fact, it takes to have some other physical conditions that lower the blood pressure to make fainting possible. Although fainting is nearly impossible, the fear of fainting is very common in people who have a panic disorder. The reason is that the person feels lightheaded and dizzy during the episode so they mistakenly associate this with fainting.

Fear of Losing Sanity

A lot of people think that if they get anxious or afraid enough, they will go insane. However, this is not true. Those who have an anxiety disorder can experience a recurrent episode of anxiety until they can find a solution. But, this is the only condition they can expect while experiencing anxiety no matter how many times the attacks happen.

If you have been experiencing panic attacks, it is best to consult with your physician to get a thorough examination and treatment. Your doctor may prescribe you some medications and therapies. If you choose to take nootropic supplements, make sure you consult with your doctor first and follow the dosage guide.


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