Things You Can Do With Your Communications Degree

A communications degree gives you a wide range of opportunities when it comes to things you can do. This is mainly because there are many fields or areas where effective communication is necessary for achieving of goals or a certain mission. Effective communication skills give you the ability to speak convincingly. You can sell many products to many customers since you are persuasive. It also gives you the ability to write well. Writing is also a form of communicating. Good communication abilities will also help you to create a long lasting relationship or rapport with clients and other partners.

Many companies and institutions need someone with your kind of knowledge and skill.

If you have these skills, which you will acquire when you take a communications course at the University of Phoenix , you will be well equipped to do any of the following jobs:

  • Journalism

Your degree in communication from the University of Phoenix  may be your gateway to a job in journalism. You can write for a magazine, a news website or a television station. You can also work as a freelancer and write stories and news for blogs, magazines and independent newspapers.

  • Public Relations

Public relations persons work hand in hand with journalists. They mainly help businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations to air their concerns or tell their stories. They also help reporters to schedule interviews. They help these agencies and organizations in times of emergencies. They write the remarks that are read during a press conference in case of an emergency.

  • Copywriting

With your high level and chance of persuading prospective clients and customers, you can work in advertising. A communications degree grants you the skills to know how to advertise be it on radio, television, billboards, magazines and newspapers.

  • Marketing-Communications

When you get a job in marketing, either you will be required to write brochures, flyers or design catalogues or websites dedicated to promoting certain goods. You can work for one of the big companies that sell a wide range of goods, agencies that promote other businesses among other places.

  • Sales

Selling needs a lot of persuasion sometimes. The more people you convince to buy the more sales you make. In addition, this makes you a good sales person and increases your commission as well.

  • Social Media

Since social media sites have become increasingly popular, companies, corporations and agencies are trying to create a name on these sites. They know that it is a wise way to reach a larger audience thus increasing their customers. You could be hired as the communications professional to overlook the posts on Facebook, twitter, tumblr and instagram among others. In addition to writing these posts, you will also monitor them and respond to customers appropriately.

  • Politics

If you love politics and you have a communications degree, it may be your go through to being closer to the top politicians. Politicians require your services. If you get a job here, you may write speeches, or be the chief of staff or be a political strategist. You may be the person behind the words that move the masses to vote for the candidate you are working for.

  • Radio On-Air Personalities

You see that radio personality that you admire. The interesting one that makes sure that your day does not get too boring. Well, they may be radio presenters because they got a communications degree. You can also follow their example and apply for jobs in the various categories available.

  • Production

A producer is an important person when I come to airing news or shows. They ensure everything runs smooth during airing by checking if all is working properly. The soundboards, the running of commercial, helping in preparing of the broadcast, are generally the major contributors to making the airing of news or shows go through successfully.

  • Video

The same way companies use social media to advertise themselves and their product they use online videos too. Yours is the skill needed to write scripts, edit and produce these videos.

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