The multitude of solutions offered in therapy

Drug addicts usually turn to drugs as a means of solace in aggravating circumstances or in most cases, toxic relationships. This could mean that there is a figure in their life that is possibly pushing them to the edge, often causing them to use drugs as an escape. The Recovery Place sober house is a safe house for patients to reveal their innermost fears and causes of anxiety as the facility aims at meticulously studying these issues and bringing them to a sober state.

Our patients are advised to seek help from family, friends and relatives. It’s important that they are provided with a stable and supportive group of people who can assist them in their goals.

There are separate sessions such as family therapies that brings the family together under one roof at the facility. Drug addicts adversely affect the relationships they share with close and loved ones so talking it out with a grief counsellor helps a great deal in coping with the mental trauma that comes with drug addiction. They are taught ways in which they can cope with triggers and toxic people who bring out the worst in them.

Most drug programs have a one-month option but there are other facilities that offer courses that can go on for months on end. This will not entirely depend on the patient’s preference because sometimes, the duration of the course is altered after they are admitted into the facility. This could be due to various factors such as the intensity of the drug addiction or the efforts made by the subject to improve. In some cases, Doctors can issue an early release of the patient due to outstanding behavioral changes. Either way, there is always a follow up with patients. They could always come back to the clinic for monthly check ups or attend therapy. The facility opens its doors for the patients to follow up in scores of forms such as group meetings like the AA and NA (Narcotics Anonymous) so they never have to fall back on drugs again.

Drug addiction is not an easy thing to recover from and different patients take their own time and healing process. Although the treatment may be relatively short, the after effects can last for years to come. Families must take due care to warrant the safety of their family members dealing with drug addiction. This could include a change in social circle, physical surrounding and inclusion of many activities such as painting, sports and games to divert their mind and help them recognize talent never before seen.

In the past, rehabilitation facilities was mostly centred around drug treatment but now times have changed and there is an evolvement of techniques that include providing a homely environment so the patients don’t feel out of place. It can be treated as a safe haven for addicts struggling with all kinds of mental, physical and emotional related issues. The center now revolves around trying to make the patients feel at home, more so than ever!

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