The Importance of Outdoor Therapy to A Recovering Addict

For many people, being outdoors maybe going to the park or taking a nature walk is very beneficial, especially when you are having a bad day. The outdoors can be essentially restorative and give a sense of healing. Since time immemorial, studies have proven that there exist strong emotional, mental, and physical health benefits to being outside and encountering nature. More so, if you are a recovering drug or substance abuse addict, then outdoor therapy programs can be very beneficial to your recovery process. Here are some of the benefits that such programs can offer.

Reduces stress levels

Being outdoors, either going for nature hikes or camps, leaves you with a feel-good attitude, which in turn, reduces the amount of stress you might be going through. This will help you strengthen your sobriety as it subconsciously reduces the urges you might have for drugs.

When your mind is at peace, you will find it harder to think of taking that bottle of whiskey, but when you’re stressed then temptations are very high.2

Makes you active

When one is indoors, especially if you are a recovering addict, it might be very easy to relapse into addiction, because you are idle and you have a lot of time to think and judge yourself. That will lead to stress, which in turn, will take you back to the problem of addiction. However, being outdoors helps you become more active and gives your mind no time for idle chat, hence helping you find new meaning and satisfaction in your intended sober life.

Reduces depression

Depression is one of the major sink holes that most addicts can’t get out of. The more depressed you are, the more you will abuse drugs and consume alcohol until you can’t remember who you are and you lose all purpose and hope in life. Outdoor therapy programs help in that, being around nature reduces feelings of anger, anxiety, and negativity, which in turn, will reduce depression.

Improves memory and focus

When one is deep into addiction, there are certain repercussions that come with it, including memory loss and impaired or poor judgment. One also finds it very difficult to keep their mind focused on a particular task or goal. This can be challenging, especially when a recovering addict wants to get his or her life back on track. Most people find it difficult to keep a job or maintain intimate relationships because they lack focus. Research has found that, being outdoors can reduce levels of blood pressure, which enhances memory and the ability to focus.

If you are a recovering addict or you know someone that is going through a hard time, then you might want to try outdoor therapy programs. Nature in its own way is a powerful source of healing that many of us and not only addicts can benefit from. If you are stressed or on the path of destruction or depression, try to spend your time in the outdoors and experience the healing hand of nature.

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