Start taking care of patients before they get to your office

The number one priority of any medical practice is taking care of their patients. As everyone knows, when people are sick and needing a doctor’s care, they are at their most vulnerable and patience can run very low. Any inefficiency in the way a doctor’s office is managed becomes amplified for those who are ill, and many times that inefficiency can cause patients to leave that office and go elsewhere. This is the last thing any medical practice needs or wants to have happen.

In a busy practice, the hectic pace of duties all personnel face can be a hindrance to basic office functions. Checking in patients, getting the baseline medical information necessary to facilitate the visit by the doctor, checking patients out after the visit – these are the tasks that need to take priority on a daily basis. Add patient calls and appointment scheduling and you can have an unmanageable mess extremely fast – something that spins out of control and is hard to get back on track.

Thankfully, there are resources to help with office management functions. One of those resources is the medical answering service. These services can help put efficiency back into your office functionality by taking those admin tasks off the plates of your critical practice personnel. With a medical answering service that is properly HIPPA compliant – and you should always check for this when reviewing possible services – you can provide the best of customer service to your patients in ways your internal office is unable to when busy providing care.

Just being able to take incoming calls from current and prospective patients can bring significant relief. Most services have everything available from handling calls at peak business hours to catching overflow when your office lines are all being used all the way to constant availability day and night. They can cover weekends and holidays in the way your normal office personnel would not be able to manage without hiring additional people or paying overtime. Depending on your needs, calls can be screened to filter only those needing direct medical attention through to your office lines, leaving everything else to be managed with a callback or other procedure. Messages can be relayed through texts or emails to help in keeping phone lines open and available.

By merging your office’s appointment calendar with the software programs medical answering services have at their disposal, you can have them set up appointments where available. They also quite often take care of follow up calls to patients to remind them of upcoming appointments and this reduces no shows that cause problems throughout the day. Rescheduling cancellations is another prime reason that use of an answering service proves itself valuable – those cancellations that might cause business to drop off can be repaired by reaching out to others who have looked to see the doctor more quickly than current scheduling permits – the answering service can take care of plugging these schedule holes to keep your day moving smoothly.

There are many medical answering services available with individual qualifications and suites of services to meet various needs. You can learn much more by visiting and decide which service will provide your best fit. Take a minute to see how an answering service can boost your practice’s bottom line here:

A medical answering service can be the perfect addition to any busy medical office. Visit to learn how to best choose the right one for your needs.

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