Single Tooth Dental Implant to gain back Your Lost Smile!


Losing a tooth is nothing less compared to the worst nightmare ever. It is not just an uncomfortable experience, but it can also make daily activities like eating your favourite food, chewing, and even affect your smile seriously. Many people lose their teeth during teenage due to sports injury or accidents. If this has happened to you as well, we understand you may be wondering how to get back your smile. With the advancements in dental Technology, you have options to get back your smile. Single tooth implants are one perfect way suggested by most of the dentist all over the world.

Single tooth dental implant!

Single tooth dental implant is one best way to get back the confidence that you lost with your tooth. Dental implants are hardly noticeable, and even you will forget you have an implant in your mouth as time passes by. Relax, if you are missing one of your teeth, one implant and a crown can fix it! The dental implant will replace both your lost tooth along with its root!

What are the advantages of a single tooth dental implant over other tooth replacement methods?

  1. Dental implants Melbourne offer so many benefits over other teeth replacement options, like bridges. Besides functioning and looking like your permanent natural teeth, dental implants can also replace a tooth without altering or sacrificing the health of adjacent teeth.

Tooth supported bridges were the other common treatment to fix a lost tooth. However, dental implants are preferred over bridges, because bridges require some support from the adjacent teeth. It is for this reason, and your dentist will scrap down some bits of adjacent teeth to fix bridges.

  1. As dental implants will replace the tooth root, it helps to preserve the jawbone beneath. Whereas with the bridge, they do not support the jawbone where it begins to resorb. Dental implants replace your tooth root and integrate with the jawbone beneath helping to preserve the bone healthy and intact.
  2. Single tooth implants are more aesthetic and easy to clean compared to bridges. However, with bridges, the gums surrounding it may recede leaving a visible defect. The resorted jaw bone underneath the bridges can result in an unappealing smile. In addition, the cement that holds the bridge in place can wash out allowing harmful bacteria to decompose the teeth that anchor the bridge.

How will the cheap dental implants Melbourne be placed? 

At first, the implant which looks like a screw will be placed into the jaw through a slit made on it. Your dentist will allow a gap of a few weeks for this screw to bind tightly with your jawbone so that the implant will be secured tightly as it has to be. Once the surgical area heals and the implant fits tightly, the dentist will place the crown made to match the other natural teeth.

Now your implant will look and functions just like any other natural tooth!

Dental implants cost Melbourne!

The dental implants cost Melbourne may vary from person to person depending on the condition of their jawbone or requirement of additional procedures.

However, dental implant cost is highly affordable that you will end up with a full bright smile!

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