Raja Ampat, the Ultimate Underwater Heaven

Raja Ampat is not secret heaven, it is a world-famous paradise today. It is so perfect that any diver in the world would surely put this location in their bucket list to go to. Raja Ampat is the title of an archipelago regency at the shore of Papua Island. Raja Ampat signifies four kings, based on a neighbourhood legend. There was seven egg found by a girl, four loaf championships who then ruled the principal islands. Another three became a girl, a ghost, and a stone.

To summarize it simply, Raja Ampat is your best destination. In its 9.8 million acres territory, Raja Ampat is the home of 1000 species of coral reefs, 700 types of mollusc, and 540 kinds of coral. It is estimated that 75% of species reside here. The pristine and varied marine life have put this area on the map of the world’s best tourist destinations.

Unreal Diving Spots

Most Raja Ampat visitors come for the ultimate diving experience. This area delivers, and gives them more. There are so many diving spots in the area, with their own special features. Diving spots in Misool Island is usually an explosion of colours, using mesmerizing corals and bigger creatures. At Waigeo, the diving spots provide more fish species, including angelfish, lionfish, and clownfish between anemones. Should you dive into Mansuar, you’ll most probably be greeted with mantas and turtles.

Snorkelling among the Little islands

With shallow waters, these islands produce a picturesque panorama. With crystal clear waters, this is really an ideal spot for tourists to snorkel and respect the beauty submerged. With high visibility, it is possible to observe just how shallow waters are bustling with unrivalled marine existence. Anywhere with shallow water is great for snorkelling in Raja Ampat. However, Wayag Island and Pianemo really take the cake for their vistas.

An Emerging and Vanishing Beach

Pasir Timbul, literally means emerging sands, is the title of this shoal in the north of Mansuar Island. There’s a spectacular daily miracle happening here, as a few white sand bars emerge in the ocean in the very low tide and are underwater during high tide. All these sand bars are equally as lovely as it could be, just like beaches in the middle of the sea. The only drawback is you can not readily reach this spot. On the other hand, that also causes this shoal empty many days so that you can enjoy it in its fullest.

Vantage Points of This Archipelago

Presented with amazing landscapes, sometimes you simply feel the necessity to have a much better perspective to appreciate things more fully. When you visit Pianemo by ship, you may wonder what these tiny islands exactly seem from above. Spoiler alert; it is royal! You’re able to see exactly that by trekking a little to observe the total panorama of these islands. Wayag Island also offers comparable vantage points, in addition to Harfat Jaya Peak in Misool Island.

Beautiful people, beautiful landscape

Raja Ampat isn’t only about marine life. The landscape and those who live on those islands are amazing also. There are tons of villages with friendly individuals like Arborek along with Sawinggrai village. Nature’s present to such islands will not quit at sea, since the woods here are still home to many terrific creatures like Waigeo Cuscus along with Bird of Paradise (Cendrawasih). You may also receive a bird viewing experience.

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