Pharmaceutical peptide producing from development to commercialization

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With its capability for a business current smart manufacturing follow (cGMP) producing and capabilities for tiny scale non-GMP custom peptides, the peptide cluster will meet the necessities of its customers in the least stages of pharmaceutical amide development from basic analysis to commercialization

The cluster has six GMP facilities situated across 3 continents together with Denmark, France, India, Sweden, and the United States.

GMP grade peptides are often factory-made in all facilities, in quantities starting from grams to tens of kilograms.

The flexibility of the selected production site helps customers, counting on the situation of their clinical trials and restrictive filings of peptide vaccines and generic peptide synthesis.

Production in different companies

The company’s multiple sites provide unprecedented long-run security of offer and an exclusive target pharmaceutical amide producing. Companies manufacture over a 3rd of all approved amide drug substances, which accounts for over twenty-fifth of sales of outsourced amide medicine producing worldwide

The company’s information and knowledge will facilitate customers with an orphan drug with restricted restrictive necessities, a therapeutic with a demand for big quantities or an amide immunogen countering specific challenges.

Well-known peptides like thyrocalcitonin, desmopressin, leuprolide, and octreotide are in peptide Group’s portfolio. New generic peptides within the portfolio include eptifibatide, bivalirudin, exenatide, and lanreotide.

Support for all regulative and approval processes is provided, further as full GMP documentation for all generic products, wherever applicable. Therefore includes United States Drug Master Files and certificates of quality.

Complementary services for amid redevelopment 

  • A comprehensive catalog of over one, 250 bioactive peptides, from the best to the foremost complex molecules. 
  • Simple to advanced peptides, as well as peptides conjugated to polythene glycol (PEG) and different compounds.
  • The company’s catalog includes over 700 special amino acids and derivatives, building blocks and switches mimics, all accessible from an inventory.

Good Manufacturing Practices.

Custom organic chemicals are often developed in-house. Custom peptide synthesis of non-peptidic molecules, from many grams to several many grams and cGMP producing at the kg scale may also be provided.

In GMP grade amide synthesis; there are typically 5 steps that are: Pre-GMP Development, GMP Production, Synthesis, amide Modification, and internal control. Every step is critical so to accomplish the most desirable effects and convey regarding the most satisfactory product.

GMP, short for good manufacturing practices, offer tips concerning minimum necessities that a manufacturer should meet to assure that their product is is systematically high in quality. 

Research organizations that develop medicines

These tips are counseled by agencies that control the authorization and licensing of the manufacture and sale of tons of products, like cosmetics and pharmaceutical products. As always, the primary purpose of GMP is to stop the damage from occurring to the end-user.

Contract research organizations are designed to scale back prices for firms developing new medicines and medicines in niche markets. These contract research organizations aim to modify entry into drug markets and modify development because the need for big pharmaceutical firms to try and do everything ‘in house’ is currently redundant.





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