Open Heart Surgery in Children


Recent studies have indicated that the prevalence of CHD in urban India has jumped from 1% to 10%, and in rural India from 1% to 6%, in the last 60 years alone. To make things worse, a large part of the population of sufferers have been infants, newborns, and children. For this reason, pediatric cardiology is now increasingly being recognized in India. Each year, more children are becoming victims of fatal heart diseases, specifically coronary heart diseases (CHD).

Coronary heart diseases refer to deformities, malformations, or defects in the structure of a child’s heart. The most common heart defect seen in children is ventricular septal defect (33%), followed by a trial septal defect (19%) and tetralogy of Fallot (16%). The majority of CHD cases (58%) diagnosed were between 0 and 5 years of age. Most people know these conditions as holes in the heart, abnormal valves, and abnormal heart chambers.

There have been many cases that have gone untreated for years owing to high cost treatments (mainly in low income groups), and caused long term complications. This begs the question – could this be prevented if treatment was more accessible by all? This article will discuss various treatments and expenses involved, and whether a crowdfunding India may pave way for practical financial solutions for medical treatments.

Treatments related to heart diseases in children

  1. Catheterization – This process involves inserting a catheter through this tube from the leg vein that reaches the heart. This technique fixes holes or narrowed arteries. Catheterization doesn’t require surgical opening, and is therefore preferable.

  1. Open heart surgery – As the name suggests, the child must undergo a surgery to open the chest and repair/ correct the defect. Owing to the fact that it is a highly invasive surgery, the risk factor along with the medical expense is quite high for sufferers that need this treatment.

  1. Heart transplant – Certain defects that are irreparable and have high risk of causing fatal and/or long term complications cannot be fixed. This means the child would have to undergo heart transplant. Transplant procedures too, are highly invasive open heart surgeries that significantly increase the expense of treatment.

Role of a crowdfunding India in pediatric cardiology

It’s important to point out that in India, the cost of an open heart surgery in a private hospital costs between INR 1.5 lakhs to INR 2.5 lakhs. These expenses are further increased when taking into consideration postoperative care including hospitalization, medications, tests, follow-ups and consultation charges, and eventually rehabilitation.

  1. Raise funds not only for open heart surgery, but also for other expenses associated with it – tests, medication, postoperative care, and rehabilitation.

  1. Caregivers and families may raise debt free funds without the burden of paying back with high interest rates.

  1. Starting a fundraiser on platforms such as Impact Guru is free, easy, and quick, taking less than 10 minutes to launch.

  1. Access to a community of philanthropists, donors, survivors of similar diseases, and other well-wishers who are willing to lend financial support.

Most of the Indian population is not in a position to afford such expenses, now are they able to afford insurances of loans. This is why we at Impact Guru wish to be the beacon of hope for families of children suffering from heart diseases, by providing a platform that facilitates a crowdfunding India to raise money for open heart surgery and its associated expenses.


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