Medical Marijuana

What Is Medical Marijuana?

Medical marijuana uses the marijuana plant and is basically similar to recreational marijuana. It is extracted from the dried leaves of Cannabis sativa. In early 1900s, the Cannabis plant was popularly used in medicines around the world. The plant of marijuana has more than 100 different chemicals which are called Canabinoids.

Facts About Medical Marijuana:

A medicine extracted from the plant of Cannabis is vigorous component of THC, CBN and CBD. The usage of this product is medically proved very helpful for the treatment of different health problems such as nervousness, muscle tremor and pain, multiple sclerosis, autism, sleep problems, epilepsy, and others. Medical Marijuana is also recommended for the treatment of migraine and glaucoma when usual treatments of these diseases are ineffective.

What Are THC And CBD?

Two cannabinoids used for Medical Marijuana are THC and CBD.

THC stands for “tetrahydrocannabinol” an active compound in Marijuana. It may bring a High feel like over joy, happiness and exhaustion. One of the most top benefits of THC is Pain relief such as chronic pain and nerve related pain.

CBD stands for Cannabidiol is also a compound present in Marijuana. This has no psychoactive effect unlike the THC. CBD benefits are also unlimited in terms of medical uses. CBD oil, also known as Epidiolex, used for the epilepsy medical experiments.

There are many product forms of CBD such as CBD Topical, Capsules, CBD Gummies, Bath Bombs and others.

Medical Marijuana Not Approved By FDA:

The Food and Drug Administration or FDA, requires conducted studies and different clinical trials on thousands of humans in order to approve this plant as a medicine. But so far medical researchers haven’t conducted enough clinical trials that show the benefits and risks of medical marijuana medication. So FDA has not approved medical marijuana as a medicine.

Marijuana Effects On Pregnancy:

Animal studies have shown that even a minor amount of THC given to a pregnant woman can have many severe effects including learning issues and abnormal patterns of social interaction.

This is the reason why it is imperative to consult a health practitioner when taking cannabis products. Pregnant women should not smoke pot high in THC.

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