Male to Female Sex Reassignment Surgery in Thailand

Are you thinking of going for male to female sex reassignment surgery? Or you are just curious to find out how the complete process works? Well, you aren’t alone in this. Gender change surgery is one of the most common growing medical tourism processes across the globe. A lot of nations have long waiting list as the demand of gender change surgery fall above the supply of professional surgeons. However, there is one nation which welcomes the global interest in the process. Thailand is a pioneer when you talk about sex change operation. Around 3 people go to Thailand daily for gender reassignment surgery. So, why is Thailand so appealing to people who wish for gender affirming surgery? No matter you are doing your research or going to book your surgery, here you will know all about gender affirming surgery in Thailand.

The two aspects which attract people to Thailand for surgery are low price and high quality.

Know about sex change operation cost in Thailand

Gender reassignment surgery can be highly costly. Many people cannot afford the surgery in their own nation and thus look out for affordable options outside. The major reason for this is that are several stages involved before the reassignment procedure and you need expert doctors and surgeons to do it. Checking out the sex change operation cost in Thailand is a little confusion. But the final cost includes:

  1. Hormone therapy before the surgery
  2. Meeting with therapist
  3. Hair removal via laser or electrolysis
  4. Charge of surgical process and aftercare
  5. Post-surgery expenses such as doctor visit and hormone therapy

Along with these major costs, some secondary costs include:

  1. Voice and body language coaching to help in the transition
  2. Fees to change your name and genders on all your official documents
  3. Follow-up visits.

As suggested before, there are different processes included in male to female surgeries. They aim to offer a complete transformation both emotionally and physically. And, this cannot be accomplished with one just surgery. Some of the other surgeries needed are

  1. Breast enhancement
  2. Removal of Adam’s apple
  3. Orchiectomy
  4. And creation of vagina (vaginoplasty)

Every surgery involves a high deal of surgical expertise and specialized equipment. And this is what all your expenses are for. However, if you are comparing costs for mtf surgery, then remember the lowest price may not give the best value. Thus, it is probably worth to spend a little more but get the best services around. Choose a surgeon who has years of experience in this field.

On an average, the sex change operation cost in Thailand from male to female is around 1/3rd of the what it costs in USA. You can expect it to range somewhere between $10,000 to 15000. However, the price varies because of the number of surgeries required, the location of the clinic and the surgeon’s experience. Other expenses apart from the surgery comprise of:

  1. Tracheal shave- $2500
  2. Breast enhancement- $4000
  3. Vaginoplasty- $7500

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