Makassar: Discover the Center of Sulawesi

Makassar is a gorgeous coastal town situated in the northwestern border of Sulawesi Island in Indonesia. It’s among the biggest cities in the nation, and it functions as the administrative capital of the state of South Sulawesi. The city considered to have turned into a thriving fishing port before Europeans came in the late 16th Century. It fell under Dutch control in the early 1600s and became one of the most crucial and strategic towns in East Indonesia, actually functioning as their funds for a brief period from the 1940s.

The town is also occasionally known as Ujung Pandang and is currently home to more than two million individuals. It’s a beautiful and enchanting city to go to and research a plethora of attractions such as historical relics, beaches, restaurants, and even more.

  1. Fort Rotterdam

Fort Rotterdam is a well-preserved historic fort in Makassar plus also among the best illustrations of Dutch colonial architecture in Indonesia. It was constructed from the 17th Century to precisely the same site as a previous Gowanese fort named Jum Pandang. The fort’s tactical position close to the seaside made it a critical colonial fortress as well as an important trade centre where goods, especially spices, were stocked for export. Locals fondly recall it as Prince Diponegoro’s last house. He led a rebellion against the Dutch in Java and was imprisoned at the fort for 25 years till his death in 1855. Because of its long history, Rotterdam fort is the best place to learn about the history of the region.

  1. Malino Tea Plantation

This tea plantation is located about 70 km from Makassar around the lower slopes of Mt. Bawakaraeng. The Malino Tea Plantation was once a hillside resort for its Dutch who lived in the region famous for its glorious views and fine lodging. The plantation remains a popular fascination to this day cherished by tourists and locals in equal amount. Within the plantation are several festivals where you can drink tea while admiring the beauty of the tea plantation stretching as far as the eye can see. Many people are immediately wowed from the clean, fresh air on arrival, which is a welcome respite, especially for those travelling from town.

  1. Pulau Samalona

It is virtually unthinkable to plan a trip to Makassar without going into Pulau Samalona, a gorgeous island only 35 minutes from Makassar by ship. The island is conducted by a local neighbourhood, can be the greatest places to go snorkelling as a result of the wealth of coral and fish in its own waters. If you don’t have snorkelling equipment, there are leasing stalls along the shore where you can grab a few. The regional beachfront is a wonderful spot to catch yummy and fresh local seafood at cheaper costs compared to the mainland.

  1. Trans Studio Theater Makassar

The Trans Studio Mall in Makassar is currently also home to a number of the largest indoor theme parks on the planet making it a very favourite hangout place for most households in Makassar as well as tourists. Since its construction in 2010, the mall has grown to be a premier family destination as a result of various activities to enjoy. The indoor theme park is the main attraction and has it features more than twenty rides distribute in four different zones. As among the most modern malls in town, it’s the ideal place to search for large brands and franchises as well as mementoes of your trip.

  1. Bugis Waterpark

If you’re interested in an enjoyable spot for splashing around in the water whereas at Makassar, search no farther than Bugis Waterpark. Built in 2012, it is one of the largest water parks in Indonesia with many different rides which guarantee a fun day outside. There are ten different slides as well as an adult and a child’s pool together with safety lockers to protect your valuables and gazebos that you may lease for a more romantic occasion or event. The waterpark is a wonderful spot to cool off when it is too hot in town and is also known for hosting occasions now and then making it a must-see destination.

Vacation is more than just the scenery, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Makassar by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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