Looking At Efficiency For Your Pharmaceutical Inventory Management System

Your pharmaceutical inventory management system may do more than just save you time and money, which are two of the biggest benefits of having this type of system. By taking advantage of your pharmaceutical inventory management system, you may be able to use it to create additional business opportunities and utilize the consumer applications to make operations at the pharmacy even more efficient.

There are some features to check in your system to see if you can use them to improve your efficiency:

Inventory: Your pharmaceutical inventory management system is already going to be doing inventory, but seeing if it has a perpetual inventory setting that allows for accurate and efficient reordering is imperative.This can help uncover any shrinkage or theft taking place, while also producing more accurate financials. The right inventory control is important to protect your investment. If the inventory is not accurate, it could mean patients won’t get their medicine and it could be a dangerous problem. Having information about your inventory all in one place, including expiration dates, is necessary in the event of a product recall. With a simple report, it’s easier to know how much you have and how to remove it. Theft is less likely with the right inventory control, and you should be checking regularly to maximize efficiency and keep everyone safe. Accurate counts of products can help with buying controls and help with the reordering process.

Reports: Every system will have a number of standard reports that are available, and some may even allow you to have custom reports. Use these reports to your advantage, whether it’s to identify inventory that is slow or to help generate reminders for patients that are due for refills. You can use these report settings to help find patients who have left the pharmacy and work on getting those patients to return.

Auto Refill: Help keep your patients happier by helping them adhere to maintenance medications and make it easier for them to refill their prescriptions.

E-Prescribing: This feature also helps make it easier for patients, and not only improves efficiency but also make it safer for patients by eliminating the need for handwritten and fixed notes from physicians.

Workflow: This feature will help improve efficiency within your pharmacy staff when it comes to the staff workload and verifying prescriptions. A clear workflow will help stop errors and minimize over ordering. With minimized over ordering, there won’t be as many unnecessary items in the storage. This leads to a more efficient system.

Each system should give you flexibility on which features you want to use. You don’t have to use all the features if they don’t fit into the needs of your pharmacy.

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