Learn about tinnitus and get relief from it naturally

What is Tinnitus?

This is the name of a condition characterized by “listening” some high pitch sounds that nobody else can listen to. People report listening to sounds of bells, crickets, engines, phone ringing or similar. The truth is that most of the time this sound is not produced by the environment but by the brain itself.

This is called tinnitus, it is a condition that once it is present, it does not disappear, although some natural tinnitus treatment can greatly diminish it. Many patients who suffer from this condition have reported a strong improvement and a better quality of life once they started using these natural solutions. Some of them are remedies; some others are pieces of advice:

  1. Don’t fight it

One of the recommendations now given by some alternative physicians is not to fight the noise. Some people are afraid of admitting they may be listening to something that is not there. And they surround themselves with many other noise sources to lessen the impact of this brain induced tinnitus.

The recommendation is to pay attention to your tinnitus and incorporate it into your life so that your brain stops paying so much attention to it because it has become normal. Just like our brain does with other stimuli such as skin contact.

  1. Check with your doctor

In some specific cases, tinnitus may be caused by some injury in the inner ear. In these cases, doctors can suggest some treatment or surgery relieve your head from the noise. The doctor can also send some pills to ease anxiety produced by the constant noise, or to lower blood pressure; it seems to be that some tinnitus cases are related to high blood pressure.

  1. Drink pineapple juice

Pineapple has proven to be a wonderful natural remedy for swollenness. The diuretic properties of pineapples can help you improve circulation and therefore ease some noises blood may be causing in your ears.

  1. Relax

One of the most important elements for a generally healthier life. When having tinnitus, it is highly recommended to stay in a relax free zone. This is mainly because of stressful situation trigger vertigo, tinnitus, and headaches.

  1. Stick to your routine

Changing your pre-established routine can also lead to headaches and tinnitus crisis. During a crisis, patients can have louder sounds playing in their heads, and it can be very difficult to concentrate, to listen to others and to perform daily tasks. This is basically because when a person tries something new, out of their routine, stressors are activated to prepare your body for new actions and new stimuli. It is a normal and healthy reaction most of the times, but for those who suffer from tinnitus, it can be somewhat annoying.

  1. Have an audio test performed

Tinnitus rarely occurs alone. It is usually the sign of some more hearing problems that are slowly developing. It could be that the person is losing his or her ability to hear, it could be Meniere’s syndrome, or it could be an infection. It is advisable, however, to have your ears checked by a specialist and have your hearing skills testes to know if some ability has been lost and also to know if it is necessary to use some listening aid.

  1. Try to lead an easy life

Being stressed is one of the main triggering factors of tinnitus crisis, it is good to point out how important it is to lead a life filled with peace and happy moments. Leading a busy, stressful life can result in a perception of higher volume tinnitus. Try not to be in a rush all the time and enjoy each moment.

These are some tips you can try and follow if you have noticed some ringing noises that nobody else reports on hearing. Remember to ask, just to be sure this is something happening in your head and not produced by the environment. Remember that just because it is happening in your head, it does not mean it is not real. Tinnitus patients experience really annoying sounds, and they should be taken completely serious.


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