How to Use Tepe Interdental Toothbrushes?

When it does come down to discussing the ways concerning the usage of the interdental toothbrushes, the process can often be a bit extensive. It is very important to keep certain prospects into account when it comes to using the tepe interdental brush. Given the fact that the design and the appearance of the toothbrush is a lot different than the traditional form of toothbrushes, it is not at all surprising that its process of usage is supposed to be a lot different as well. If you have been confused with the process just as much as how many others are, we have got it covered for you.

Choose the Correct Size

The tepe interdental brush does come in multiple sizes, so it is not at all surprising that more and more people often tend to get confused with which ones will pan out to be the best option for you. It is very important to ensure that you choose the size of the brush that is meant for your oral cavity and the one that will pan out to be a possibly good option for you to take a peek into. If you are confused, consult your dental professional to guide you through the process and they can get that prospect covered for you.

How to Use the Brush?

Once you have chosen the correct size for your teeth, the next process in this is to ensure that you are using it correctly without any kind of flaw whatsoever. The best way to do so is by following the steps that we do mention below.

  • The very first step in the process is to insert the brush gently without being abrasive about the process. The tepe interdental brush is quite gentle on the teeth, which itself is enough to understand that you can easily probe it into your oral cavity without having to be rough with the same.
  • The next step in the process is to move the brush back and forth in the oral cavity, especially focusing on the spaces between the teeth where the food is most likely to get stuck
  • Curve the neck to reach the tough areas and make sure that every portion of the oral cavity is cleaned.

Using an interdental brush might feel different but the process of usage is completely similar to how you would normally use a toothbrush to clean your teeth.

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