How to Practice Kriya Yoga Successfully

Do you sometimes feel like the world around you is becoming overwhelming? Like no matter how hard you try, happiness just slips away from you? Don’t worry; you aren’t the only one. A lot of people have a hard time focusing on the things that truly matter to them and make them happy.

Surprisingly to many, the answer to these troubles lies in kriya yoga. If you ask yourself what is kriya yoga, know that actually, it’s a meditation that unites multiple techniques for relaxing your body and achieving ultimate joy. Here we’ll talk more about them!

1.Exercises for Energy

While practicing kriya yoga, it’s important to be energetic and motivated to do it. Only this way you can be sure that you are receiving the wanted results. Therefore, you should prepare for the meditation first. ParamahansaYogananda introduced some pretty handy exercises in the far 1916. They are both physical and psychological, giving you the required power and strength.

All the parts in your body are engaged with these exercises by taking advantage of your life force, every breath you take, and your attention. The good news is that they are quick yet efficient – they last no more than fifteen minutes and by the end of that time all the stress, anxiety, and nervousness go away from your body.

2. Concentrate with Hong-Sau Technique

Even though you may not believe that you have the power of concentration within you as you’re burdened with work or school, obligations, and deadlines. This second technique is aimed precisely at that. Through practicing it, individuals learn how to block the distractions that come from outside and harness the thoughts and energy, thus directing them towards completing a goal they have in mind.

Having said that, the focus can also be directed toward the journey of self-realization and finding the right path towards the ultimate happiness.

3. Meditate with Aum Technique

The presence of divinity is characterized by the word ‘aum’ which means ‘the Word’ or ‘Holy Ghost’. That is related to the spirit that is the creator of everything and the third technique is enabling the individual to work in that direction.

With it, people realize the unlimited power and potential they have in themselves. Moreover, they can become more conscious!

4. The Kriya Yoga Technique

In its core, kriya is all about the energy of the spine and the brain of one’s body. Even the ancient seers who lived on the territory of India saw the spine and the brain as the tree of life. What’s more, certain energies flow from these points of life and into all the nerves and organs, breathing life into them. So, it’s discovered that by practicing kriya yoga, people can heighten their sense of consciousness as well as evolution.

And that isn’t everything; kriya yoga calms down the nervous system, the heart, and the lungs in a natural way. In return, that provokes a stillness in the individual and inner peace.

Final Thoughts

So, what do you have to tell us about all of this? Is it something you’ve already done or do you intend to start practicing kriya yoga? We are interested in hearing everything from you.

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