How to get nice, firm and shaped butt.

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The advantage of strong and shaped muscles of gluteus is not only that they look nice in pants but gluteus are the most important muscle in the body. They support and rotate the hip in extreme movements such as jump and sprint. Gluteuses also stabilize the spine and prevent excessive pressure on the knees. Most women have weak gluteuses which increases the risk of injury to the back and knees.

Butt can be beautifully shaped if we put emphasis on the gluteus muscles and if we maximally reduce the fat tissue that covers this area. Exercises for the lower part of the body shape and define muscles of the cheeks, while cardio exercises and reduced calorie diet reduce fat in the body and make our butt look nicer, slimmer and more shaped.

To get rid of excess fat as quickly as possible, do cardio exercises of high intensity. Walking or running on a sloping slope will give you the most advantages in one and the other way – it will burn you a huge amount of calories while at the same time burdening and developing leaves, buttocks and muscles. Trailing under the slope is just as useful as aerobic training and strength training at the same time.

This training also burdens the muscles almost as much as doing the climbing on the bench or the squat. It slams the body to lift its weight against gravity, which leads to the strengthening and development of the lower body part. For example, walking on a treadmill with a gradual increase in inclination will develop quadriceps, gluteuses,  all at the same time.

Training on a treadmill burns a lot more calories than training on a flat surface and training on treadmill is also much harder. So do not rush, slowly increase the training intensity. If you are a beginner, it is desirable to first develop your fitness until you can walk fast without stopping for about half an hour without tilting. Only then, once you reach that level of fitness, start slowly to introduce slope training to your program and training plan. Program the tape by two minutes walking flat and two minutes at a 5% . As you progress you will constantly increase the length of the training.

The goal you should achieve is 60 minutes of fast walking on a 10% slope bar and so at least three to six days a week. Exercise an intensity that is approximately 70% of your maximum performance, which is actually the highest speed you can walk to and you can normaly talk.

Let your trainings be as intense as these trainings burn a much larger amount of calories than you do with a light exercise pace, it also speeds up your metabolism in the rest of the day. In your exercise program you must also include vacation days so that you don’t overtrain.

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