How to fight male pattern baldness

Male pattern baldness is the pattern of hair loss that men often experience. This starts with a thinning hairline, followed by thinning of the hair on the top and temples until the bald patches meet up. It is also known as ‘androgenic alopecia’ or ‘male hair loss’.

What causes male pattern baldness?

Male pattern baldness is a genetic disorder which causes the hormone testosterone to be converted into DHT (dihydrotestosterone). DHT has an adverse effect on hair follicles and subsequently slows down or even stops hair growth altogether.

Why Do Men Go Bald?

While searching for helpful male pattern baldness treatments, these are top 6 ways to stop hair loss in men. But first, it’s vital to know the science behind male hair loss.

 Male pattern baldness occurs in men who are genetically prone to be more sensitive to the androgenic hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone). In men with DHT sensitivity, DHT is toxic to the hair follicles along the hairline. This affects how the hair follicles absorb minerals, vitamins, and key nutrients. Hair follicles ultimately miniaturize and the growing (anagen) phase of the hair growth cycle becomes shorter. Hair follicles at the back of the head and near the ears are less affected by DHT, which is why men with male pattern baldness usually have a horseshoe-shaped pattern of hair loss around the circlet.

Genetics or having a family history of baldness is one of the major causes of male-pattern baldness. However, sometimes, anemia, thyroid and the use of certain medications are some causes of male pattern baldness.

Every man after a certain age faces some hair problems. Male pattern baldness is reported to be the most common with so many hair problems experienced by men. The hair loss in this state arises in any of the three forms:

o    Hair loss at the sides (or temples)

o    Hair loss at the forehead (or front)

o    Hair loss at the top of the head (or crown)

Below are the most common symptoms of male-pattern baldness:

o    extreme loss of hair;

o    hairline receding from the front, that is, temples;

o    overall thinning of hair;

o    a decrease in the density of hair;

o    bald patch on top of the scalp;

o    partial baldness; and

o    Complete baldness at a later stage.

Top 6 Ways to Stop Hair Loss in Men

  1. Nutrition

Take action right away to nurture thinning hair with a combination of minerals, vitamins, and marine proteins. When our diets are lacking the right nutrients, brittle nails and thinning hair are among the first effects. Nails and Hair are considered non-essential body parts and so generally receive nutrients last.

  1. Clean Hair and Scalp

A healthy scalp forms the right environment for healthy hair growth. The most suitable shampoos for balding men are ones that are gentle enough for everyday use, exfoliating the scalp to remove dirt, debris, and sebum, to maintain a healthy scalp.

  1. Healthy Scalp

Try a hair thickening serum for men that helps maintain a healthy scalp to handle male hair loss. To make hair look thicker try one with clinically tested ingredients of natural origins. Even a 2-3 minute scalp massage every morning can promote a revitalized scalp that is the most favorable environment for healthy hair growth. Scalp massage can also help support healthy hair growth by escalating blood flow to the scalp.

  1. Minimize Styling

Turn to the best low-maintenance men’s grooming tips when looking for how to reduce hair fall in men. Avoid using straightening irons, curling irons, or any other type of hot styling tool to style your hair. The less you comb or style your hair, the less damage you’ll cause to your hair. Try a short, cropped haircut that is longer on top and shorter on the sides to make your hair look thicker.

  1. Drugs & Other Medical Measures

As a last resort, there is, of course, topical drugs or hair restoration surgery. However, these treatments may not be as effective in the long-term as the hair you’ve regrown will fall out again. Hair transplantation is a permanent hair growth solution. But it is expensive and with any surgery, there is a risk of complications.

  1. Homeopathy for hair loss

Homeopathic medicines not only reduce hair loss, they also protect the body from harmful effects (such as decreased libido, ejaculation problems in men) that commonly occur with the use of conventional drugs.

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