How to Enjoy Yourself when Sober

There are people who relate the word fun with alcohol. They will always have a good time with the addition of alcohol in the circle. But it can end in the most messed and untidy situations. And those are the situations that you don’t want to be with. 

But you can also enjoy the fun without adding the bliss of the alcohol and while on your alcohol rehab. You can always conjure a laugh or a smile without the influence of alcohol in your system. If you are asking how, then read on and discover how to enjoy fun sober. 

Having Fun with Sober Buddies

One of the ways of having fun is with friends. There would never be any dull moment with your circle of friends. You will always share some laughs and enjoy all sort of things that is fun. But you have to make sure that you spend time and have fun with buddies that favors sober over drunk. 

Pick up friends that do not have the time for drinking but is up for a more adrenaline-pumped adventure. Surely adventures like those are fun. If your friends are busy, then meet new people who like the great outdoors rather than the inside of a bar. 

These friends are your sober buddies, and they will help you enjoy even without the use of any alcoholic beverages. 

Change your Definition of Fun

As I’ve said there are people that will greatly interrelate fun with getting drunk or drinking alcohol. If you have the same concept of fun like, then you should reevaluate or modify your meaning of fun. 

You can connect fun by spending some time with your family and friends, go out into the world and discover something that is new. The idea would be modifying your definition of fun. 

You have to let go of the thought that you can only get or have fun if you drink. That is an overstatement. Surely there are a hundred of activities or hobbies that you can surely enjoy and elicit fun. 

Feel the Moment

If you are doing an activity, then you should feel the moment. Absorb the sensation that the moment is giving you. If you shroud yourself at the moment, then there are chances that you are having fun and you will forget about the time. 

By feeling the moment, you are also taking your mind off those silly drinks. Put all of your attention to that certain activity that you are doing, and you will enjoy doing it to the point that you will even do it on a daily basis. Do things and feel the moment, not all things are fun with alcohol. Speak to an addiction rehab advisor for more information.


Although it is fun to drink, there are also tons of ways that you can do to have fun. Hike, camp, play sports or anything that will surely let yourself enjoy without the influence of alcohol in your veins. Try the ways above, and you will attain fun on a whole new level. 

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