How the Drinking Habits of Skokie Mothers are Affecting Children

A big problem that has shown up in Skokie in recent years has been with drug and alcohol abuse and addiction and that is why the drug rehab Skokie is in place.  One of the biggest of these that has been manifested has been in moms who abuse alcohol.  Alcohol abuse is actually by itself more common in the United States than all other forms of drug abuse combined.  There are about twenty-five million addicts in the United States, and roughly fourteen million of them are alcoholics, and about four or five million are alcoholics and drug addicts, and less than ten million are just drug addicts only.  Furthermore, alcohol abuse by itself claims between sixty and eighty thousands lives every single year whereas drug abuse, (all combined forms of drug abuse at that), claims only about forty to fifty thousand.


This has been to a greater or lesser degree the lot of life in Skokie and one of the main problems when it comes to addiction and substance abuse.  For some reason there is simply a lot of alcohol abuse in this city and there has been for some time.  Also particular to this city, the problem truly has been with mothers who become addicted to alcohol.

A recent study was done on the effects and aspects of alcohol abuse and addiction.  For the study, 18,000 people who born in 1970 were asked about their drinking habits at the age of 16, and then again at 34. They were also asked if their parents drank never, sometimes, often, or always.

It should come as no surprise that their peers largely influenced the drinking habits of 16-year-olds. But the 34-year-olds were a different story. The more they thought their mothers drank on the never, sometimes, often or always scale, the more they themselves drank as adults. In other words, according to The Telegraph, “with each step that mothers rose on the four-point scale, the chance that their adult children were drinking above the Government recommended limits rose 1.3 times.” This is exactly why the drug rehabilitation Skokie is in place.

What This Means for Skokie Children

Sadly, this bodes ill for the future of Skokie.  If mothers in this area continue to abuse alcohol at the rate that they have been doing so then the problem will actually just get much, much worse long before it ever gets better.  Children will be adversely affected by this and will become addicts themselves.

A drug rehabilitation Chicago is what is needed in and around Skokie.  For those who are addicted here, particularly mothers, rehabilitation is actually a huge must.  With rehab, it is quite likely and quite important that this problem gets handled and that it gets handled much sooner rather than later.

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