How mindfulness reduces chronic pain by 90%

Living with chronic pain can be a nightmare, after taking the strongest painkillers you can it can still be there and can even return with a vengeance. You’re willing to do anything to stop the pain! But it’s not that simple, whatever you do seems to fail- even moving hurts.Doing nothing hurts and ignoring it hurts too!

But it’s not only the pain that hurts, the mind is put through a tremendous amount of suffering as it tries to find a way to escape. Your mind starts to suffer as you scramble for a way of escaping – hopeless and despairing questions start to appear out of the darkness: What happens if this never gets better? What if it gets worse? I can’t possibly cope with this. MAKE IT STOP!

It’s only natural to fight against pain, however in times such as these the suffering makes it much worse.

Let me let you in on a little secret: it is much more effective to explore the sensations of pain as they rise and fall in the body. It might seem like the worst thing you can possibly do – why on EARTH would anybody want to focus on the pain – well actually the latest medical evidence tells us it could offer much more relief than pain killers can! Such approaches for  new front line treatment for chronic pain and illness, it’s based on an ancient form of meditation known today as ‘mindfulness’.

Mindfulness meditation has been shown in clinical trials to reduce pain by over 57% and accomplished practises can reduce by over a massive 90%! 90% pain reduction? I’m pretty sure you can’t believe your eyes right now, but before you dismiss all this as codswallop – listen to this.

Imaging studies of the brain show that mindfulness soothes the brain patterns underlying pain and over a period of time these patterns take root as your brain learns them – it alters the structure of the brain itself and patients no longer feel pain to the same intensity. Many say they can barely notice it at all – and that’s if they look for it. Hospital pain clinics now commonly prescribed mindfulness meditation to assist patients with the suffering that can come with diseases like cancer and the side effects of treatment options like chemotherapy, and heart disease, diabetes and arthritis. It is also used for back problems, migraines, fibromyalgia, coeliacs disease chronic fatige, IBS and even sclerosis. Mindfulness is a fantastic tool in the box for chronic suffers and can help you to live a completely normal life, free from the overpowering pain.

Mindfulness is a key component in therapy practises such as DBT, CBT and much more modern therapeutic practises.

It’s no secret ahta mindfulness now has some fantastic scientifically proven health applications and benefits ahta many people are making use of to make their mind and life work for them.

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