Home Remedies for Mumps

Introduction:Mumps usually occur in children, even adults can get affected by it. Mumps is a kind of viral infection; it causes swelling, acute pain, and sickness. Mumps also createsa problem while eating, chewing and talking.

Natural Remedies to Cure Mumps

 ChebulicMyrobalan: ChebulicMyrobalan is one of the usefulherbs. The herb contains an anti-inflammatory property which helps in reducing pain and swelling due to mumps. Put theChebulicMyrobalanin the sunfor hours at least five to six hours and grind them with little water. Apply the paste to the pain area.

 Sacred Fig- Sacred Fig leaves are useful for treatment for mumps. Leaves contain antiviral propertieswhich help in reducing pain from mumps. Take two holy leaves after warming the leaves apply on the pain area. Leave the petalin the pain area for one hour, for a better result.

 Aloe Vera- Aloe Vera is beneficialto reduce pain from mumps. According to fogut.com aloe Vera contains antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral properties which is very useful forthe treatment of mumps.Takea gel from Aloe Vera and mix turmeric into it.Rub the swollen part with Aloe Vera and turmeric paste. Apply the mixture for thirty minute.

Asparagus- Asparagus has nutrients and minerals, which helps the body fighting against virus. Take three teaspoons of fenugreek and asparagus and make a thick paste. Take the mixture and apply to the affected area. Repeat the process for ten days for better results.

 Ginger- Ginger is the most beneficial component in removing mumps. Dry the ginger in the sun for few hours, grind the ginger into powder form with water. Apply the ginger on pain affected area and leave for few minutes. Repeat the process for seven days for better results.

 Indian Lilac- Indian Lilac also called as neem is very useful in treating mumps. Take few leaves of Indian lilac and form paste, mix the pulp with a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Apply the mixture to the affected area for thirty minutes. For better results repeat the process for one week.

 Garlic– Garlic is one of the useful home remedies to treat mumps, apply the crushed garlic over the affected swollen area. Garlic provides instant relief in pain.

 Banyan Leaves– Banyan leaves are one of the useful home remedies to cure mumps. Banyan leaves provide relief from pain and prevent infection. The leaves should be left overnight for abetter result in the swollen area.

 Black Pepper- Black pepper is one of the beneficialingredients to provide relief from mumps. Black pepper should be crushed and mixed with water,and the mixture should applyto the pain area.

Conclusion– Mumps are due to infections of salivary glands. Mumps lasts for at least two weeks. People affected by mumps have swell overtheir neck and face. A headache, less appetite, etc.The wrong diet can worsen the disease. People infected with mumps can intake orange juice, as orange juice contains essential minerals which help in curing mumps.

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