Growing Without Soil: Benefits

Hydroponics – A method of growing plants and produce without soil. When growing hydroponically plants instead rely on nutrient rich solutions in order to grow and flourish. There are many ways that these nutrient solutions can be supplied to plants roots, with some of the most popular hydroponic systems including ebb and flow systems, drip systems, deep water culture systems and aeroponic systems.

But why are so many people turning to hydroponics and using equipment such as grow tents to grow? Here are just some of the benefits of growing in this way:

  1. Growing hydroponically requires far less water than when growing traditionally using soil. This is because water it recycled over and over again until it has all been used instead of remaining water simply getting lost in soil. When growing hydroponically the only water loss is through evaporation and occasional nutrient water change.
  2. When growing hydroponically people do not have to worry about weeds, herbicides or pests. The risk of these is much reduced and people can grow in peace focusing on their grows, plants and vegetables instead. The elimination of weeds means that growers do not have to use harmful pesticides which can often spoil their crops. Also as hydroponic growing typically takes place indoors and inside a grow tent it is far less likely to bugs to get to your growing plants.smoke
  1. When growing hydroponically people find that things grow much quicker, this is because hydroponic systems allow for the optimum growing temperatures to be created. When growing hydroponically people do not have to worry about seasonal limited or restriction periods required for farms.
  2. As when growing hydroponically the perfect growing conditions can be imitated, people are able to grow seasonal produce and pretty much anything they wish all year round – Allowing for people to enjoy fresh strawberries in December and so on.
  3. Because growing hydroponically doesn’t require much space and can take place indoors, pretty much anyone can grow in this way even those in high rise flats and without gardens, this is a huge positive and is allowing for more people than ever before to grow their own fruits and veggies.
  4. Hydroponic growing is not as back-breaking and laborious as other types of growing and can even be completed by children and disabled people. Many people find that growing hydroponically can be calming and a great, rewarding hobby to wake up. Growing hydroponically really isn’t like any other type of growing, it is much greater and far more advantageous. Give is a go!

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