Get Better Results with these Weight Loss Exercises In Maryland

It is very important to care for your body after the weight loss surgery because the body is in a phase where it is adjusting to the changes after the Md Bariatrics Weight Loss Surgery. It is very important to maintain a healthy diet and do certain prescribed exercises so that there is no harm done to your body but at the same time we have to ensure that you are not going too hard on your body immediately after the surgery.

To help you we keep your life active and safe we suggest the following exercises:

  1. Walking: Walking usually is the best way to get into any exercising routine. Around after two weeks of recovery from the surgery, a light walk for a few minutes can help you get into a good routine. Walking is less strenuous and can keep you active too. You can also add more time to walking at a higher pace when your body is ready.
  2. Swimming: Swimming is another great exercise post you weight loss surgery as it involves your entire body and moves all the muscles in your body. You can go for light swimming but keeping in mind not to overdo. To start with go for a lap and gradually increase the intensity once your body is ready.
  3. Weight training: Weight training is essential to build muscle mass after your weight loss surgery. You can use dumbbells starting with 2 to 5 pounds initially, which will help your body to adjust to weight training post which you can consult your doctor to go for a full-fledged weight training. Do not do this without consulting your doctor.
  4. Resistance Training: You can use a stationary bike if you have one at home or the gym. To begin with, a low speed is a good exercise once you restart post weight loss surgery and you can gradually increase the pace, but you have to ensure that you do not push your body too hard.
  5. Yoga: After a few months post your weight loss surgery, yoga is a good exercise to stretch your muscles while keeping yourself relaxed.

These exercises can help you achieve your ultimate weight and fitness goals. It is very important to be active post weight loss surgery for it to be effective.

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