Get A Bunion Treatment: When Is The Perfect Time To Visit A Foot Specialist

A bunion is a massive condition affecting your toe and surrounding joints, mostly in women. It happens when the big toe bends towards the neighboring toe at a strange angle, resulting from the joint at its base to project outward. Most of the time, bunions can be significantly painful, as you put your body weight on the affected joint while running or walking.

To understand more the proper time to see a foot specialist, it’s crucial to deliberate the effects of bunions. Make sure that you contact ModPod Podiatry for shin splints treatment right away for your problems.

Causes of Bunions

You will find a lot of common factors, which can cause bunions that includes a genetically poor foot structure that becomes more prone to damage as people age.

  • Arthritis – In some cases, bunions are rooted in arthritis as the bones naturally become weak. This issue can be a result of many years of using tight high-heeled shoes, which eventually toes out of right alignment.
  • Protrusion of metatarsal bone – This is the most telling indication of a bunion that can be accompanied by severe pain, swelling, and redness. When a person starts any of such symptoms, seek assistance from your foot specialist right away. When left untreated, expect that a bunion will continue to progress over time and could affect your capability to walk.

Is Surgery Necessary?

Most of the times, bunion surgery is essential to fix the deformity. This is normally a moderately easy out-patient process, which needs general anesthesia. Once done, the patient can stay at home for the initial few days and maintain his or her foot elevated above the heart.

On the other hand, the post-operative pain is more likely to decrease after a week or more, and pain medication will no longer be required. After this phase, the patient will normally need some kind of assisted walking tool like a cane, a knee scooter or crutches. The complete time to recover is around 8 to 10 weeks. It is also suggested to participate in a physical therapy to make sure the best result possible.

Getting Effective and Fast Treatment

If your bunions are affecting the quality of your daily life, it is essential that you consider treatment for your bunions, not just to lessen the pain but also to relieve the risk of any additional or re-occurring issues.

Treatment could be either with or without an operation. Further, this could consist of toe realignment by open bunion surgery that is a process also called as scarf osteotomy or perhaps could be by carrying out a keyhole bunion surgery that is nominally invasive and normally significantly effective and efficient.


Get a Bunion Treatment Now!

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