Foods that prevent grey hair – Turn white to black hair

Black hairs turns to white is a common thing to a certain age of human beings. Normally people who are in late 30s or early 40s finds their hairs turns into changing the color. But today, due to improper diet and unhealthy food intake many young people around 30 or less come across this problem of hairs changing the color to white.  It is mainly due to lack of vitamins and minerals in their food habits. Here we discuss about some healthy food that can prevent this premature white hair.

Broccoli is a green and leafy vegetable with rich source of antioxidants, it has vitamin A and C and calcium that are essential to boost the overall growth of hair. The presence of folic acid in broccoli is most important to prevent graying hairs at very young age.  Regular intake of broccoli helps to eliminate free radicals.

Similar to broccoli, lentils are good source for vitamins, especially B, B9 and B12 vitamins.  These increase the growth of red blood cells which help to retain the hair color.

Deficiency of melanin pigment is another major reason for changing of hair color.  Blueberry contains all the necessary elements such as Vitamin B, B-12, C, copper, iodine and zinc to improve the production of melanin pigment. Blueberries also avoid hair fall and grey hair treatment, promote proper and healthy hair growth for kids and adults.

Fishes are high source of omega-3 fatty acid along with other essential elements like protein, vitamin B and other important minerals. Cold water fishes like salmon, mackerel, tuna and sardines are very rich in these essential nutrients that offer natural source of oil to scalp and prevent hair fall, color change and ensure healthy and silky growth. Eating shellfish like shrimp or oysters can be beneficial to keeping hairs without gray hair.


Nuts are rich source for monounsaturated fats such as omega-3 and omega-6. The nutritional benefits of nuts are vast and are eaten as a healthy diet. Almonds are high source of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, E, B12, riboflavin, manganese, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, iron and copper. copper has ties to melanin production in your hair. Melanin is the component that gives hair its color so you can see why eating foods rich in copper is important. Overall, nuts have all nutritional supplements for hair loss, reduce it and ensure growth.

Eggs are another wholesome food with presence of zinc, Sulphur, iron, selenium and calcium which are much needed for a healthy hair growth. Having an egg everyday prevents hair color and stops hair fall.

Green Tea
Green tea is a good source for antioxidant and polyphenols. These are must needed to maintain your scalp healthy and free from hair fall. Green tea also helps to keep your hairs shiny and dandruff free.

Prevention of grey hair and hair fall can be easier if you adopt to this healthy nutrients diet regularly.

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