Foods that most men need to avoid to cut down over growth chest


There are a number of foods that men should try and avoid as these foods try and lower the level of Testosterone hormone in their body further feminizing them. These are the types of foods that also elevate the estrogen level in their body. You can try and collect more in-depth information related to such foods online at

The moment you stop consuming too much of these food products you may not have to waste unwanted hours at the gym.


According to past research on an average any person is exposed to few types of pesticides on daily basis. You also need to keep in mind that pesticides are considered as endocrine disruptors. These are the chemicals that are believed to alter our hormonal changes in the body.

One of the most effective chemicals is also used for preventing shrimps from getting discolored at the time of preservation. Apart from this you also need to avoid consuming more of canned salmons and other such foods.

Canned foods

Processed or canned foods should always be avoided for health benefits. BPA is one such chemical that is basically used in processed or canned foods. It is believed to affect the estrogen level of males. It is thus advisable to try and avoid canned foods like beans, chicken, tuna or even soups. These are the chemicals that are also used in these food products to kill all the germs before preserving it.

Straw berries


The strawberries that are cultivated conventionally with skin have the efficiency to trap more amount of pesticides in its external skin. Apart from this other fruits that also have the tendency to trap pesticides in the external skin may include kale, cherries and apple. It is advisable to try and select one that is only organic by nature. Canned foods and fruits should be avoided completely. You can collect more details online.

Processed meat and cheese

It is advisable to try and avoid eating meat and cheese from the supermarket that has been wrapped in plastic wrappers. PVC is one of the main chemicals that is believed to affect the hormonal level of men. If you enjoy eating meat that it is ideal to purchase fresh meat from the butcher shop.

Water bottle

The manufacturers make use of recycled plastic to manufacture water bottles that may not be of standard grade. It is estimated that just within one week of usage of plastic bottles, people have elevated levels of BPA by over 70 percent. This rate needs to be regulated for maintain good gut health.

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