Five Reasons Everyone Should Get A Personal Trainer For The New Year

Avoiding injury is one main reason to choose a personal trainer to help you along in your fitness goals. Whether you are a runner or cyclist, someone new to fitness attempting to lose weight, an athlete trying to add muscle strength, or an senior vowing to be as fit and live as long as possible, there is the possibility for injury in the process. A qualified personal trainer can observe your movements and guide you toward the correct physiological and mechanical approach to optimize your efforts and keep you injury free, always building up and never tearing down


Motivation is tough for some of us. It can be hard to get out in the rainy and dreary winter months that accompany the New Year here in Coquitlam British Columbia. When you enter a gym, a great personal trainer from one of the best fitness programs in the city like Eagle Ridge Fitness can help you to shake off the winter blues and keep you motivated and on track with your goals. A gym is the perfect place to build that summer body up in the winter months.

When we form a structure and routine, it makes it much simpler to achieve our goals. Beyond this, if we break goals down into manageable pieces, something many of us fail to do with New Year’s Resolutions, we may not give up as readily. There is popular system out there, called the 7Life System, and it states that: “if you want to eat an elephant, break it down into small chunks.”

Routine takes commitment, drive, and above all patience. Many of us want to see incredible results right away, and when we don’t; we become immediately discouraged and lose our drive. To be successful in building new exercise habits and keto diet plan you might need to ease into it and build the foundation for a healthier, stronger body slowly. Once your body and mind have begun to adapt to the process, it becomes natural and invigorating to all aspects of the mind and body. A gym and personal trainer in Coquitlam can instill the idea of working out and getting in shape into smaller, more digestible pieces.

The knowledge base of a trained professional is always a valuable asset. Whenever you have a question, or are performing an exercise incorrectly, your trainer can be there to offer the best advice to ensure you have success in the future. A thorough knowledge of how the body works, what calories and protein will do for you, how to build specific muscle groups, or how to train for a specific event—it is all there at your fingertips when you work alongside a well-educated, dedicated fitness professional.

Push your limits in Coquitlam British Columbia! According to a Harvard Business Review article in 2012, exploring the scientific and cognitive processes that go into achievement, whether physical or mental, is that, “the willingness to endure discomfort and sacrifice instant gratification is the only way to get better at anything, and to achieve true excellence”.

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