Fitness Studios In Surry Hills

Finding the best Surry Hills fitness studios can be hard. Sydney’s inner-city suburbs are not only densely populated, but the sheer choice is sometimes overwhelming. Don’t worry though, here’s all you need to know about the Surry Hills fitness scene: prices, equipment, classes, and more. Just remember, making this choice can often depend on a few different things, so don’t join just because it’s the cheapest or the closest. Always keep your goal in mind when on the hunt. With that, let’s begin.

Enjoy Functional Training

For those small group fitness fans, this is a great way to combine HIIT circuit, strength training, boxing, cross-fit and so much more in one location. Yes, it’s pretty much got it all, even a boot camp, so seeing where they specialise is hard, but rest assured it’s got some clear perks with a zero joining fee, no contract memberships allow unlimited access to all classes from $60 per week. If you’re only managing to fit 2 classes per week you can go for a $50 per week option. With classes spread over the week, it’s easy to cherry pick. With an awesome location right across from Prince Alfred Park and with instant bus and train connections, this is one to consider. 

The Vault: Boxing and Fitness

With a strong focus on boxing but with a good range of high-intensity circuits, strength, gymnastics, and mixed martial arts, this 3-floor studio delivers on quality and diversity. With excellent facilities and a highly trained team of expert personal trainers, Vault Boxing and Fitness offers a range of indoor and outdoor classes with a plethora of membership payment options, entry-level options boast unlimited classes and gym access from $34 per week. It’s 7 minutes walk from Central Station and plenty of on-street parking available. 

My Gym Group Training Studio 

This no-fuss solution to fitness is as simple as it gets. No contracts, no overly complicated membership options, not even any workout machines, yep it’s all on you. With a focus on full-body movement, My Gym Training Studio is all about the small group experience. There’s individual attention, but with the team spirit. With small group training sessions starting at $75 weekly (unlimited classes) you’re getting access to their partner gym Hiscoes with a broader range of equipment, yoga classes, HIIT, and even a squash court. Not bad. 

Vision Personal training

For those wanting to see results and be guided through a process, this is a great choice. With an up-front guarantee of money back if the agreed-on results don’t show, you’re in the hands of experts the entire way. With a focus on body transformation and all things geared to your body type and lifestyle, Vision Personal Training aims to deliver a comprehensive plan to realise your goals. With nutrition planning to group training and weight loss programs, there’s every reason to get a consultation – because it’s free. Located in the heart of Surry Hills, and with excellent connections to the surrounding suburbs, it’s worth a peek. 

REVL Training

For the boutique-style group fitness experience, REVL Training focuses on diversity in approach to fitness and includes several evidence-based training methods that improve overall fitness from strength, endurance, mobility, and conditioning. REVL offers personal attention and specialised training without losing the group training element. With a 7 day free trial and competitively priced weekly payments of $50.95 for flexible, unlimited sessions, there’s a host of other membership packages depending on your situation. With an excellent location and state-of-the-art equipment, REVL is worth a visit.

Barry’s Bootcamp

This boot camp style training is all about burning calories, hitting a different and versatile high-intensity workout, and puts the challenge firmly into your hands. What do Barry’s do? They bring science, lights, and equipment. It’s all about the mindset, and with a strong focus on efficiency of the technique, there’s a range of daily classes that target different muscle groups. And daily means every day. No rest days, in fact, Sunday is whole body, so gear up, because Barry’s means business. There’s a range of membership options for casuals and longer-term commitments, buy individual classes for $36, or get amongst their starter pack with $75 for three classes. 

Sky-Lab Yoga

For those wanting a bit of extra elevation, or just are craving a beautiful space to do yoga in, this is worth a look. Aerial Yoga seems to have hit the sky running and Surry Hills has by no means been spared the pleasures. Sky-Lab yoga offers everything from beginner’s courses, studio, and online classes, and with excellent monthly payment schemes, it’s a premium aerial yoga experience for a fair price. Prices start at $150 per month, and with multiple inclusions such as annual personalised fitness plans and access to extra classes, it’s certainly a head-turner. 


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