Essential oils for kids’ cough? It’s easy if you do it smart

Weekend time, you and your family are out in the cycling park along with the little one,and while the kids were enjoying a little with some new friends around, you suddenly realize that the little one might catch some cold and cough in this wind.

By the time you are home, the little one is down and maybe by night or the next day; she will catch a fever as well. Endless sleepless nights with munchkin coughing relentlessly gives you pain at the same. Kids are too small with not-so-grown immunity system to start with any medicine for a long time.

We grown-ups do take some homemade cough syrups or the ones that we get over the counter, but yes you are right, you cannot give that to your kid as well. Well, cough and cold are irritating and can provide the little one’s sore throat and aches as well, but they are not that stubborn to get rid of also.

Here in this article, we would talk about one amazing essential oil which will naturally soothe and relieve your children from cough, cold and stuffy nose. It is called Essential Oil Roll-On.

How is Essential Oil Roll-On help?

This essential oil for kids’ cough is a focused mixture of pure essential oils in an amalgamation of jojoba and castor oil in apt proportion to keep the baby skin soft. It is accurately diluted for six months old baby as well. This essential oil is clean and free of any harmful chemicals like petroleum, parabens, sulfates, gluten, dyes, mineral oils, artificial colors, phthalates or synthetic perfumes. It gives the baby a gentle relief from cough without any side effects on their skin or body.

It is always the safest option to rely on natural remedies like essential oils than jumping on medicines for children. Yes, doctor prescribed medicines are also for their wellness, but for minor issues like cold and cough, research says that essential oils are the best. However, it is always safe to use essential oils on babies who are more than six months old. Here are some tips on how to use the Essential oils for kids cough

Tips for using the oil

  • “less is more” fits perfectly when you are using an essential oil on your kid
  • Hologic cough Roll-On should be rolled on the back of the neck, chest, and bottom of the feet
  • Do a patch test before applying on your child
  • Keep out from the reach of the children
  • 0-3 months, do not use essential oils
  • If you have any doubt about the oil or its usage, please consult your physician

Why should we use this?

Hologic cough Roll-On is the first and one of its good essential oil which is made only for our precious little ones to give relief. It works amazingly and a highly recommended product. Avoid the long-lasting side effects of medicines on your children and take your first step for a natural and much better remedy.

Cold is a natural phrase which our bodies go through,and coughing is natural to help the body heal. At the same time, coughing makes us irritated and gives more pain, don’t keep your little one stick to bed, give them fast and long-lasting natural relief.

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