Ditch Lunch and Workout Instead: Here are 3 Reasons Why  

Have you ever been hiding out in your car at lunch time when you see a group of colleagues taking a brisk walk? Or some may even invite you to come with them to the gym. You wonder to yourself if it’s effective to skip your 30-minute or 1-hour lunch for a workout. Before you think of all the reasons you shouldn’t join #teamnolunch, take a look at these three benefits of lunch workouts.

They’re time efficient

Your time is valuable, and so is your fitness regimen. Lunch is an opportunity to make the most of both. Your break time includes minutes you have to spend at or near the workplace anyway. You don’t have to wake up early or add extra time to your schedule to fit in a workout. With proper planning, you can hopefully make it home earlier in the evenings without compromising your workout.

You can workout with friends and colleagues

It’s easier to stick to your workout plans when you have a buddy or three to hold you accountable. Heck! It’s also just a lot more fun. The group may even continue to grow as people become inspired to do lunchtime workouts too. As long as you all are employed at the same place, you know you’ll have work out partners.

Lunch workouts improve your work day

Personal trainers in Spokane will tell you how working out boosts endorphins and makes you feel better. It also assists the brain in producing more serotonin and boosts your immune system. Exercising also helps to burn calories and fat, which can lower reduce cholesterol, risk of heart disease and other illnesses. That means you’ll have higher energy levels, less stress, and more likelihood of staying well. Lunch workouts produce a chain of feel good that will show during your work day.

Now that you know the benefits, you can see lunch workouts are totally worth it. Join your co-workers in lunch time fitness or be the first to inspire it at your workplace. Find a fitness center in Spokane near your job to take advantage of lunch workout benefits.

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