Disparity in Health Care Provider Concentrations

The state of health is an indivisible concept of life wherein health is a complete state of being capable of sustaining the body and mind. It entails total well-being, with the capacity for enduring physical challenge and activity, mental challenge and activity and emotional well-being. It is the sum total of all the aspects and constituents of health. The state of health is the key to life. It encompasses all the aspects of life including but not limited to physical health, mental health, physiological health, and social health. Health is also a state of emotional, mental and physical well-being where infirmity and illness are absent.

The present generation must face a major challenge in attaining health outcomes. This calls for personal and group interventions that address the full spectrum of health challenges and their prevention. The challenge includes; rising obesity, lack of effective drug therapies, delayed detection and treatment of chronic diseases and premature deaths due to ill-health. This demands timely use of health care by people at all ages and for all health-related programs.


The present generation faces numerous health problems and this calls for health services at different levels to address these problems at different stages of life. The state of health needs to be managed as it influences the entire nation’s economy. In order to achieve successful health management, it is necessary to understand the impact of health on the individual, family, community and economy. It is important for people to get access to timely health care at every stage of life. One should make efforts to keep in contact with the health care providers and also with the social service providers who can bring about necessary change to eliminate or reduce health disparities.

The present generation needs to have an assurance of getting appropriate health outcomes at the time of need. They should have access to timely health care services in cases of emergencies and they should have access to health care services even when they are in a poor health status. It is a right of every citizen of a country to receive medical care from the best health care provider  available. This right should not be denied to anyone. In cases of emergency, it is advisable to consult the doctor at the earliest.

It is important to take preventive measures and enjoy appropriate care and therapeutic care as early as possible. People should have information on their health at all times and this should be accessible at all times. They should have information on their routine and preventive health care services and they should have access to the doctor when required. When people have regular consultation with the doctor, they are at a better position to take preventive measures and to enjoy appropriate care and treatment.

On an annual basis, there are a large number of health care providers who provide quality health care services to people at all ages. However, there are still lot of health professionals who do not practice properly and this leads to health disparities. The report also indicates that there are large number of physicians working in the United States, which contributes to these discrepancies. To ensure that all health professionals and patients get equal opportunities, the Department of Health Services (HHS) has designed many policies, rules and regulations for health professions.

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