Difference Between General and Holistic Dentistry  

When you’re looking for dentists in Edmonds, WA

, you have options to compare. Although you might look at the Yelp reviews to give you a general idea of what to expect, dentists in Edmonds have their own personal style of dentistry that goes beyond just whether they’re a “good” or “bad” dentist. Every dentist classifies as either a traditional or holistic dentist or a cross between the two.

Difference Between Traditional and Holistic Dentistry

A traditional dentist utilizes what is taught in dental school, even if the treatment has proven to have negative effects on the body. A traditional dentist takes the most widely accepted course of action. In some cases, the procedure or treatment has proven to have a few side effects but is generally accepted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Holistic dentistry still accomplishes the same goals as a traditional dentist, but the techniques tend to be comprised of natural means that are safer for the body. In both forms of dentistry, a particular amount of emphasis is dedicated to preventive care, although the preventative measures oftentimes differ since in holistic dentistry, chemicals aren’t used.

Amalgam Fillings

Generally, a holistic dentist is against amalgam fillings because they consist of an alloy mixed with mercury. Mercury has proven to have negative effects in the body on the neurological and renal systems. A truly holistic dentist will urge a patient to have the amalgam filling removed and won’t use amalgam fillings at all. A traditional dentist doesn’t always recognize the negatives of mercury fillings and will allow a patient to keep them, or even use them, on patients as a cost-efficient and long-term solution for dental decay.

Root Canals

A traditional dentist believes a root canal is an ideal way to keep a person’s smile looking superior without pain and discomfort. During the root canal, the dentist removes the pulp of the tooth and leaves the outer portion of it, so the person doesn’t end up with a missing tooth. However, if the tooth isn’t cleaned out 100 percent, bacteria could remain that could rot the tooth and cause other issues. A holistic dentist typically believes there isn’t a way to remove all of the bacteria from the tooth, and the holistic dentist believes the chemicals used to clean out the tooth are dangerous. A holistic dentist oftentimes focuses on removal of the entire tooth.


Ingesting fluoride has been linked to cancer. It has the potential to lead to fluorosis. Traditional dentists in Edmonds, WA recognize the benefits of fluoride and believes there’s little evidence to contest the benefits of fluoride. A holistic dentist tends to steer away from fluoride because of its harmful effects.


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