Could You Be Healthier?

Have you taken a few minutes to stop and review your current health? If not, you could be putting yourself in danger now and down the road.

Although you likely find excuses on why you can’t eat better and exercise more, those excuses can be deadly.

In looking to be a healthier you, where best to start?

Finding the Right Health Program

In coming up with the right health program for your needs, you want to begin with an assessment of your life.

Among those to focus in on:

  • Lifestyle – To start, how would you characterize your lifestyle? Is it one with too much food and drink, too little exercise, and even smoking or other bad habits? By doing a lifestyle assessment, you will see where changes are necessary.

  • Attitude – You’d have surprise how big of a role your attitude plays in your ability to feel healthy. If you are someone who is always stressed out and is not taking care of themselves, you are a recipe for disaster. Take a more positive approach to your life. Instead of always looking for the negatives, go out of your way to find the positives.
  • Diet – Although it is okay to have the occasional junk food, don’t make it a regular habit. Do your best to eat foods that provide nutrition and vitamins for your body. If eating is an issue, get a nutritionist, or work with your doctor to improve things. Improving what goes into your body on a daily basis can go a long way in bettering your health.
  • Exercise – Even if you only walk 15-30 minutes a day that is better than no exercise at all. While your daily schedule can become convoluted over time, don’t find excuses not to exercise. Walking, swimming, running, and hiking etc. are all great means to keep your body moving. If inspiration is your problem, consider doing workouts with family members or friends. Having someone else to push you could be what you are in need of.

Health Even More Important as You Age

Although there is no fountain of youth, the reality is that more people are living to see 100 and beyond.

If your goal is to reach that plateau, what will you need to do to hit that?

First, exercise and diet do play key roles, but they are not the only things you will have to zero in on.

Make sure you have an annual physical exam.

Some people put off going to the doctor because of limited finances or even the fear of getting checked out. Your annual exam will help you and your doctor best prescribe any needed treatments. Even if you are in good or even excellent shape, your doctor may see some red flags that need attention.

You also want to be more cognizant of your surroundings as you age.

Falls are often the leading cause of senior citizens slowing down and even passing away. A simple fall in your home can lead to a broken hip or serious head injury. From there, illness can set in rather fast. Do your best to operate in a world where getting around is not difficult.

Last, be an informed individual who understands what is going on in the world of healthcare. This is easy to do via the Internet and reading and watching the news.

If you could be healthier, is today the day you start that quest?

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