Combination Of Arginine, Lysine And Ornithine – How Does The Supplement Help

The human body starts showing symptoms of deterioration like ageing, reduction of lean muscle mass, lower metabolism, weak immune system and increase in fat tissue (adipose) after the age of 30. This can be attributed to lower secretions of growth hormone from the pituitary gland of the brain. A combination of amino acids Arginine, Lysine and Ornithine is known to boost growth hormone levels in the body.

Effectiveness of the combination

The three amino acids, Arginine, Lysine and Ornithine when administered as a combination, may lead to significant increase in the growth hormone levels in the body. A combination of these amino acids is used as a supplement with availability in various forms like capsules or tablets, intravenous fluids and powders.

However, the combination is observed to be much more effective in increasing levels of the growth hormone when administered intravenously rather than being taken orally. Oral doses may be required to be taken in very high quantities for them to have a significant effect on the growth hormone levels.


The combination is widely used by athletes to increase their muscle mass caused by higher levels of the hormone. However, the supplement may not result in sudden and substantial increase in levels of the hormone.

In order to increase muscle mass substantially, the supplement may be required to be taken as a regular dose over a period of time. This can help in increasing the growth hormone levels, which in turn help in building muscle mass.

The benefits of the supplement depend on factors such as:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Diet

It is a common finding that females and younger individuals can substantially increase the growth hormone levels in the body by regular intake of the supplement. Similarly individuals who have lower protein levels in their diet may benefit from the supplement.

The amount of supplement to be taken to show impact may vary from individual to individual. People may seek a doctor’s suggestion regarding the dosage in order to achieve the desired results.

The combination supplement of Arginine, Lysine and Ornithine is widely available in various forms and is sold under different brand names. The supplement promises many benefits and is used extensively by both genders to increase the hormone levels, thereby improving their metabolic rate and immune system. A little research regarding the dosage and its effectiveness may help individuals derive maximum benefit from the supplement.

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