Chronic Spinal Syndrome: Definition, Causes and How Medical Cannabis Can Help

What is a Spinal Syndrome?

The term spinal syndrome refers to discomfort and pain of patients in the spine, which can’t be allotted to a clear cause. Depending on the localization, a limitation to a cervical spine, thoracic spine or lumbar spine syndrome can be made. Such a syndrome is termed chronic if the pain continues for about six weeks.

What are the Causes of Chronic Spinal Syndrome?

Most people will undergo back discomfort in their lives. Often the symptoms pass quickly with heat, possibly painkillers or physiotherapy. However, sometimes intense and persistent pain, a trigger can’t always be found. In addition to the actual injury to the structures on the back (vertebral body, intervertebral discs, nerves, etc.), the psyche also plays a critical role in back pain.

The term chronic spinal syndrome does not say anything about the cause of the spine pain. If these were clear, the diagnosis would be more specific for the patient. The following reasons – alone or in the coalition – may be in a chronic spinal syndrome:

  • Muscle tension, fascial adhesions.
  • Spinal disc protrusion or herniated disc (prolapse)
  • Bony, painful erosions on the spine (osteochondrosis)
  • Osteoarthritis and inflammation of the facet joints on the vertebral bodies
  • Stiffening of the spine or excessive mobility
  • Blocking of vertebrae, rib or facet joints
  • Mental stress

Chronic Spinal Syndrome: Therapy for Chronic Pain through Medical Cannabis?

Some studies have examined the efficacy of cannabinoids in chronic and neuropathic pain. It was found that the pain was sometimes greatly alleviated. One study interviewed patients with this pain who used cannabis. 81% of those affected reported that the pain was noticeably less than that of classic, and strongly narcotic medications.

Generally, medicinal cannabis is effective for chronic pain. Not only the sharp pain is reduced, but the quality of sleep also improves. If other therapies are not sufficient, treatment with medicinal cannabis or cannabinoid medicinal products which you can see here should be evaluated for chronic low back agony. Nevertheless, further data is needed to conclude at a more meaningful assessment.

Medical Cannabis in Herniated Disc?

In a herniated disc, parts of the disc are forced into the vertebral canal. The disc is a structure filled with a gelatinous mass that portrays between the vertebrae as a shock absorber. If a herniated disc damages it, the hard vertebrae may rub on each other, causing severe pain symptoms. The escaping disc can also press on nerves that run in the spinal canal which attributes to paralysis.

As mentioned earlier, studies uncovered that cannabis is useful in chronic and neuropathic pain. Cannabinoids also have a relaxing effect on the muscles. However, there is tension in the back muscles and herniated discs. The muscles try to hold a position and cramp.

Although there aren’t extensive studies on the remedy of a painful herniated disc from medical cannabis, the current findings on the cure of pain with marijuana and the relaxing effect on the musculature hope that medicinal hemp could be a suitable therapeutic.

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