Can Vaping Help you Fight Mental Health Conditions?

The essential “connect” between mental health and vaping has been a fairly less-talked about affair. The link between the two cannot really be undermined at any cost whatsoever. Electronic cigarettes sans the tobacco are considered to be healthier substitutes to traditional cigarettes. Not many are aware, but nicotine does have the long history of association with mental health issues. There are several pieces of research that have actually found that nicotine is capable of suppressing several conditions including schizophrenia, attention deficit disorder and depression. Nicotine is known to offer relief here by mixing with the nicotinic receptors that actually stimulate the release of multiple neurotransmitters that include dopamine and serotonin. Both these neurotransmitters are linked to positive emotions like excitability and elation.

Traditional Smoking: Does it Help you Keep your Mental Health on Track?

Perhaps this is the reason why it has been proven by research that people with mental health issues are more dependent on “cigarettes”. They also have the greater difficulty in quitting nicotine when compared to individuals having no such problems. However, besides providing momentary relief from mental disturbances such as the ones mentioned above – it is also associated with higher mortality rate. Nicotine-replacement therapies emerge as the evident solutions in this regard- i.e. smoking cessation therapies including patches, gums and sprays. Electronic cigarettes without carcinogens can be considered as well.

The positive “mental effects” of Nicotine Free Vape cannot really be ruled out at any cost. It all starts with the most common reason why people vape in the first place. That they want to steer clear from the harmful effects of tobacco while not giving up on the feeling triggered by traditional cigarettes—is obvious. Besides, relaxation remains one of the commonest reasons why people vape. It has been maintained that e-cigarette vaporizers leave the same impact on the nervous system as cigarettes. They – just like cigarettes- help you to calm down and relax in a stressful situation. The e-cigarettes are backed by different levels of nicotine. You can choose the level of nicotine as per your preference. And, it has already been pointed out that nicotine has its own way of stimulating the relaxing effect on your mind.

More about Mental Health and Vaping:

What more? E-cigarettes are also deemed as perfect alternatives to meditation! We all know about the ways in which meditation can help us! There are many people – however- who complain that they don’t have much time for meditation thanks to their hectic work schedules. Vaping can help you in this regard! In fact, we would say.. if you can’t meditate—vape instead!

Are you one of “them”?

The relaxing nature of vaping can help you battle multiple mental health conditions including anxiety and depression. If you are way too dependent on traditional cigarettes when it comes to seeing through these problems, we would ask you to switch to vaping. There are people who genuinely believe that they can resort to comparatively healthier ways to battle their mental health discrepancies. If you’re one of them, switch to vaping!

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