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What you will need to know to plan how you are going to pass a drug test for work is exactly what type of test will you be getting. There are a handful of testing procedures available. This decision is almost always made by your employer, with no chance to change or make your own choice of testing method. The main types of tests involve samples of your urine, saliva, blood, sweat, or hair, and there are different things to know about how to improve your odds that you will pass whatever kind of drug test you are facing.  

Urine Tests  

By far the most common type of drug test for workplaces is a urine test. You may and can be required to provide a sample of urine to be analyzed by chemical methods performed by the testing laboratory. The lab performs a chemical screening of the urine sample and reports the findings back to your employer.  

Typically, the lab performs a two-part test: screening and confirmation. The first step uses a process called immunoassay testing to detect the presence of THC metabolites. The second step is a more accurate confirmation using a method known as a gas chromatograph mass spectrometer.

Due to this very thorough two-step scan and confirmation process, most urine testing services are very accurate. So-called “false-positives,” in which the test indicates a positive presence of a prohibited substance where it was not actually present in the urine sample provided, are very uncommon today. Most of the time a synthetic urine kit reviews like the clear choice sub solution reviews online can take care of this problem in a few clicks. Previous, less accurate testing methods allowed for some excuses based on the possibility of an inaccurate result from the lab. The current state of the art in drug testing leaves little room for mistaken positive results.  

Steps to Prepare for Your Test   

A lot of your options when it comes to passing a drug test depend on the type of test you will take and how long you have to prepare for it. The most obvious first step to take if you know you will be drug tested within the next few weeks is to avoid taking any drugs that will cause trouble on the test during the time leading up to it. The next thing that may lead to a clear drug test in the near future is to flush the system thoroughly before the time for the test arrives.

There are many opinions and methods discussed as to how best to flush the system, ranging from increasing your intake of water and recovery drinks for the day or two before the test (although it is important to note that water can be toxic for humans if ingested too quickly in too much volume). Natural diuretics like tea and coffee tend to force water from your system, making you drink more. There is no conclusive proof that exercise to “sweat out” the drug residue, or methods like vinegar, saline water, or gelatin increase your body’s natural ability to cleanse the drug residue from your bloodstream and urine. Still, many people recommend combinations of increasing fluid intake and exercise levels in the days immediately before the test.  

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