Breast Reconstruction And What You Should Know

You may have already heard about the breast reconstruction surgery, either because you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, or you might be curious. Today, the breast reconstruction surgery can really help you gain back your confidence by giving you the shape and size you always wanted.

Usually, this surgery will be recommended right after mastectomy and sometimes even lumpectomy. If you are interested you can check out the breast reconstruction surgeon Sydney. There are many good reasons to consider breast reconstruction, but at the same time some women decide to not go through that procedure instead.

Breast reconstruction can help you improve your self-image

This all depends on your personal views, and what would make you feel better. There are many things to be considered, but at the end of the day this is a decision you need to have on your own. Once you know what you want, make sure to consult your doctor.

Do you want the procedure?

Whether you are thinking about your age, relationship, orientation or sexual activity, you cannot really predict how you will react after losing a breast. It is very normal to feel anxious and sad, because at the end of the day you are losing a part of you.

It is okay for you to decide what you want to do after the procedure, as it is always better not to rush into things. You need to learn how this procedure will work, how it will affect you and whether that is a procedure you were hoping for or not.

You should ask yourself a couple of important questions about the reconstruction surgery:

– How important is this surgery to you?

– Could you live without the procedure?

– Will the breast reconstruction surgery make you feel more confident?

– Are you fine with having a breast reconstruction surgery right after lumpectomy or mastectomy?

Another important thing to know is that the breast reconstruction surgery will rebuild the shape of your breast, but the sensations will not be restored to your nipple. Over time your skin might become a bit sensitive to touch, but you should know that there is a chance of that not happening.

Not all women choose to have a breast reconstruction surgery

If you are interested in breast reconstruction surgery or you know somebody who might be, you can visit to learn more about it. Search for a local hospital with a good reputation and make sure to schedule a consultation beforehand. It is important that you find a hospital and a surgeon you trust.

Final word

The breast reconstruction surgery is a procedure that is known to help women deal with the loss of their breast mentally and physically. However, not all women prefer to have their breast immediately reconstructed, some prefer to either wait a bit or not go through the procedure at all. This all depends on the individuals in question, and your answer to this might be completely different.



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